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Tobias Stretch – Illuminant

Tobias Stretch - Illuminant

One of the most visually striking films I have ever seen. Films are often described as dreamlike for a lack of words. Not the case with Illuminant which is certainly dreamlike. I don’t necessarily see my dreams in stop-motion but some of the imagery and feel of dreams would be impossible to recreate in another form.

Like dreams, some of the images from this film stick and others fade. Watching it again, I was once again surprised, reminded of why I loved it the first time. It begs to be seen over and over again. When the deer (?) drops the baby off, the camera movement following the deer and then back towards the wheelchair was beautiful. The snow, the face of the robot (?) and the glowing animal at the end are just tremendous. Everything screams originality here, the kind that comes from a deep creative force instead of a filmmaking sensibility.

Watch it.


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