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List of Oscar winning animations with video

Good list. I haven’t got through it all.

Phone Sex Grandma

I hope you don’t rely on telephone sex to get your rocks off because this short documentery would certainly kill that. A one-joke short but the one joke is pretty funny.

Watch it – via Cinematech

Sound of Color


Five colors, five songs, five videos from five directors.

Have a look!

via Motionographer

Use Of ‘N-Word’ May End Porn Star’s Career

I nearly pissed my pants.

Watch it.

Indiana Jones And The Roswell Alien Coverup

New trailer for the Indiana Jones movie. I am concerned but I am not missing this when it comes out.

Watch it

Online Dating Helping Pathetic Women Get Their Hopes Crushed More Efficiently

I couldn’t resist, it seems perfect for VD.

Watch it.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Psyop wishes you all the best…

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Lawrence Lessig on Barack Obama

I find myself rooting for Barack Obama. The more I see of him, the more I like him. I think politics is becoming too divisive, I have found myself doing several times. But as my passions in these matters cools, I have come to understand that George Orwell’s point in 1984 of people being enslaved in battle is not just limited to foreign forces. Whether it be Americans versus Al Qaeda or Democrats versus Republicans or, even more, Barack Obama versus Hilary Clinton, people seem constantly in battle with each other. And that is largely why I have enjoyed Obama speak, I don’t think he poisons the discussion. He doesn’t get my blood boiling, he simply inspires.

Lessig, who I respect greatly, released this 20 minute video comparing the two Democratic candidates. He believes in Obama, much like I do but is able to say it a lot more eloquently and substantively.

Watch it.

P.S. I wish Senator Russ Feingold had run for the Democratic ticket but that is another story.



Uh? (via)

Bow Street Runner


Bow Street Runner is a historically accurate detective game where you have to investigate the locations in order to find clues and evidence.

The game is set in Covent Garden, London, in the 1750s, when crime and vice had hit unprecedented levels.

Play! (Flash)

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Ticklinks – Via Nozap

Instead of several posts with “via Nozap” tags, here is just one. Hope you don’t mind Ludo.

Schweppes Short Film Festival (via)

Mellowdrone (via) – Love the lighting.

Umfeld (via)

Line of beauty and grace (via)

Poetry of suburbs (via)

Goodiebag – Punchline Piracy

I have been a victim and also a pirate at times. Watch it.


Next time, don’t bother. Rough on the edges but it works in sad, funny way.

Watch it

Tobias Stretch – Illuminant

Tobias Stretch - Illuminant

One of the most visually striking films I have ever seen. Films are often described as dreamlike for a lack of words. Not the case with Illuminant which is certainly dreamlike. I don’t necessarily see my dreams in stop-motion but some of the imagery and feel of dreams would be impossible to recreate in another form.

Like dreams, some of the images from this film stick and others fade. Watching it again, I was once again surprised, reminded of why I loved it the first time. It begs to be seen over and over again. When the deer (?) drops the baby off, the camera movement following the deer and then back towards the wheelchair was beautiful. The snow, the face of the robot (?) and the glowing animal at the end are just tremendous. Everything screams originality here, the kind that comes from a deep creative force instead of a filmmaking sensibility.

Watch it.

St. Petersburg is More than Twice as Little as Moscow


Post-It Notes Animation from Russia!

This film was produced by 18 animators living in St. Petersburg, Russia. The entire film was created by drawing on Post-It Notes. The song featured is by Oppa Novy God.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Official page. (Flash)

via FanBoy

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