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The Little Island

The BAFTA winning animated film by animator Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s animation director). This was his first film and is a wordless engima of philosophical musings. Reminiscent of the 1950s modern animation of UPA.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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How We Met

Very clever stop-motion video.

Watch it (thanks Jessica)

MK12: History of America

An epic battle between astronauts and cowboys. Too long for my taste. Intermingled within a lot of fluff are some truly original filmmaking moments.

Watch it (thanks Josh)

Tarsem’s “The Fall”

David Fincher and Spike Jonze present Tarsem‘s long awaited, long in production second feature, The Fall. Previously Tarsem directed the underrated The Cell as well as some classic music videos, including R.E.M.‘s Losing My Religion.

Watch the trailer. (Flash Video)

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Tree in the Forest


If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around…does it make a sound? Does it matter if you know it’s fallen? Tina has found so many ways to deal with her deafness that she sometimes convinces herself it isn’t even a problem. But is this the best way to deal with her disability?

Tree in the Forest is an award winning short written, produced and directed by Steve Anthopoulos.

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Download the script.

Official web page.

Pictures of You

TAC (Traffic Accident Commission) in Victoria, Australia, has released a three minute advertisement featuring people who have lost family members in speed-related crashes.

The campaign was developed at Grey, Melbourne. Filming was directed by Mark Molloy at Exit Films.

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Download. (Quicktime)

Demonstration of the Dead

The Reel Splatter entry to the Diary of the Dead contest. When the National Association for the Advancement of the Living Impaired decides to sue George Romero, Channel 6 news is on the scene.

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Tuesday - dir: Asa Arnehed, 5:57

A beautiful short animation by Swedish director Åsa Arnehed. Here’s what Andrew Allen said on his place at Short of the Week, where I’ve found the film:

It moves at a crawling pace that, ironically, catches your attention among the mish mash of seizure-inducing videos online. Everyone fights for attention by making things bigger, brighter, and faster, and so no one stands out. It takes a well-timed film like this to bring things back into balance.

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The Future of PikaPika

The light doodles project that turned this technique into a widespread internet meme is about to come back. Check out the trailers and be prepared.

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Videotron – Your online video start page

A couple of months ago, FreshDV, one of my favorite sites, introduced Crispy Feeds — an all-in-one resource for digital video news. I loved the idea, so much so that I that wanted a similar page for online video content. So here it is:


On this page, you will find feeds from many of the sites I visit almost everyday. These sites are where I find content for TickleBooth. Part of my motivation in creating this was to make my job easier. There is also a search tool at the bottom of the page to search all these sites at once.

If you would like for your site to be listed (or not listed), please contact us.


This is a story of two clockwork men, whose dependence on one another is crucial for their survival. Imprisoned in a room for years until one day they get a chance to escape.

A short movie by by Edward Barrett.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Where the Wild Things Are

Somebody somehow managed to put this clip from Spike Jonze‘s upcoming (now delayed) movie online.

Watch it. (Flash Video) – via Motiono

And now, for the depressing news, read this and hope it’s not going to happen.

On the Fourth Floor – Kick in the Nuts

Kinda like The Office but with a kick in your nuts. Episode 7.

Use Body Warmth

Excellent cause, brilliant ad.

Watch it

Why Girls Don’t Fart

Another mistery solved…

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