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The Naked Campaign: Elections through the art of Steve Brodner

rudy giuliani new yorker: The Naked Campaignmitt romney new yorker: The Naked Campaign

huckabee new yorker: The Naked Campaigniowa new yorker: The Naked Campaign

This should most likely be my favorite coverage of the elections.

A series of short videos featuring the illustrator Steve Brodner as he draws the Presidential candidates and discusses the race for the White House. The videos are directed by Gail Levin, with animation by Asterisk and camera by Ben Shapiro.

I don’t think he is right as much he is original with what he decides to focus on. He reacts, he isn’t just another echo. Of course, we haven’t come here to listen to him talk about politics as much as see him draw, which he does beautifully. Sometimes I wish I could drop everything and grow a talent like that.

Go to the list of videos with my favorites being the ones on Romney and Obama. Rudy‘s might be the funniest, however. (via Drawn)


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