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Art of Toys

A nice music video, animated and directed by Eric Power of Clear Productions.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Watch it. (Quicktime)

Alka Setzer: Lifeboat Commercial

 Classic British Commercial from way back when. Hilarious for it’s dark humor.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Superman: The Musical

Based on a failed 1960s Broadway musical, the 1975 TV special was part of ABC’s attempt at broadcasting “edgy” entertainment in order to compete with NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Watch snippet. (Flash Video)

Great action sequence from Casshern

Never heard of the film but it looks fantastic. Sample video and other information.

Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio 1996 – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Beautiful, tender music. Why haven’t I heard this before?

Watch them in concertdownload the song for free (available for a short time)

Glitterbead #001

Perfect for my wife.

Watch it (thanks Matt)

Review of There Will Be Blood

Wow! Director Paul Thomas Anderson flexes some serious filmmaking muscle in this film. This is the Raging Bull of our times, less optimistic (imagine that), less character arc but they do share the same theme: a strong character who cannot escape from himself. In Raging Bull, the redemption or the self awareness comes, in There Will Be Blood, there is not even a hint of such notions.

The obvious checklist: great acting: check; best acting performance by Daniel Day Lewis: check; incredible detail to costumes and times: check; great supporting cast: check; great directing: check; great cinematography: check; fantastic editing: check; powerful story: check.

So all the great reviews you have read about this movie are true.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the film that you will not hear about:

– Daniel Plainview comes to a small farm to check out a family who are sitting on a valuable oil reserve and don’t know it. He shows up with his son pretending to be shooting quail. The family patriarch, Abel Sunday (played by David Willis) comes out to greet him. The scene is slow and awkward but real. Anderson and the actors weren’t simply recreating an awkward moment, they are recreating a moment from the early 1900’s (I can only guess, of course). David Willis is simply incredible, he manages to play a character without a brain, a simple minded man. Of all the great acting in the film, his performance manages to stand out.

– Another great piece of acting from David Willis is the close-up shot of him eating, right after Daniel Plainview has beaten up his son. At first, he seems to have taken a stand against Daniel but the following close-up of his son (played by a wonderful Paul Dano) indicates that he is actually standing up to his son. Willis manages to show his simple minded choice of ignoring the problem but all the while knowing what is at stake. Fantastic.

–  When the baby strokes Daniel Plainview’s face on the train. Such an easy moment to indicate that he is going to father the child. Simple, no fancy shots of paper signing or whatever.

– The bowling alley in Plainview’s house is one of the best set pieces I have ever seen. Seriously, how cool is that. And Daniel chasing Paul around the back, it is playful. You forget how powerful those bowling pins can be. Which is wonderfully relevant to what happens next.

– The final line “I am finished” can be interpreted in so many different ways. From what is just happened to what will happen in the future to the actual movie.

– When Daniel talks about the peachtree dance hall and his brother can’t remember. My reaction to the information mimicked Daniel Day Lewis’.

One of the greatest movies of all time.

Spike Jonze’s opening to Lakai – Fully Flared

What can be better than slomo skate boarding footage? Explosions. Quite beautiful intro to an upcoming dvd (a review).

Watch it – via Kottke

p.s. can’t decide if this is graphics or a real stunt.

Spanish for your Nanny

Rich women learn some hilariously meaningful Spanish.

Watch it. (Flash, NSFW if your boss entiende español)

Picture This

Picture This

Three young men on a mission to save a failing motion picture studio. And their own asses.

A short animation by Juan Pablo Sans, Julio Galan, and Matthew Doble.

Go for it!

Ectype’s End


Our hero, “3C70 is no more than a number. Forced into a clockwork world where his only purpose is to duplicate and multiply, he sets about his task without question.”

“Ectype’s End is a fast-paced and visually charged ride that combines hand-drawn characters with photographed locations.”

“Featuring a quirky soundtrack that drives and describes the journey of its protaganist, Ectype’s End approaches the age-old issue of conformity with a story that is suitable for all ages.”

Watch it. (MPEG-4)

The Object

Leslie Ali - The Object

In which an airborne object (that makes nice sounds) disrupts a duo’s peaceful day hunting, bringing moments of happiness, and sorrow when it gets stolen…

Short movie by Leslie Ali, presented at Sundance 2008.

Watch it. (Quicktime)

via nozap and GreenCine Daily



Once upon a time, somewhere in space, a dark lord falls in love with the Queen of a huge ringworld. He encircles her homeworld with his gigantic spacefleet and finally starts a direful attack.

A short movie by Valentin Schwind. Music by Ivelina Nedyalkova.

Go for it!

The Ultimate Break


Maybe somebody remember my rant on the Fight for Kisses ad.

Well, this time the guys at Akama Studio, provided with (or created?) a good script, worked out a great piece of advertisement. (via CG Talk)

Watch it. (Flash)

Download. (ZIPped MOV)

Official website.

Philip Glass’ Sesame Street

A trip in geometry…

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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