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Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste

Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste

The Lord of the Rings director first feature back in 1987 is available online.

An alien prevention group called Alien Investigation and Defence Service’ – A.I.D.S(!)¸ wage war on aliens that have come to earth to supply an intergalactic fast food chain with a new dish – human flesh. They meet many challenges and many aliens (who can easily be distinguished by the blue oxford shirts they all wear) along their quest of stopping the invaders. It is very difficult to believe that Peter Jackson (as in Peter ”Lord of the Rings” Jackson) had anything to do with this movie. But¸ not only did he direct this home-grown funny¸ he played the main character – derek¸ who spends the majority of the movie losing pieces of his brain out of a wound in the back of his skull. This movie has a certain monty python meets my 2nd grade class clown kind of feel. Except without the class or the monty python part. And I mean that¸ as a compliment.

Watch it (1 hour & 31 mins)


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