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Little ‘Tinker

With this Tex Avery cartoon, I’m signing off until the new year. Best wishes.

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In 2007


This year in pop culture reviewed and animated by Jib Jab.

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Juno quickie-review

Go see it! Fun in a pop culture way. Easily, one of the best comedies of the year.

It’s a Horrible Life


Every time Dubya does something good, Richard Nixon gets his wings…

In “It’s a Wonderful Life” George Bailey finds out that his absence would make the world a less pleasant place. This is not true with everyone.

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If that link doesn’t work, try this one.

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Noir Total


A man wakes up in its flat with a huge hangover, and finds the dead body of a girl in its bathtub. Not remembering anything from the night before, he calls a friend to help him to get rid of the body, but soon, things don’t go as planned, and his troubles get worse…

DVD Alliance is offering the full short movie for a limited time.

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Official website

Benazir Bhutto’s last moments before assassination

What a courageous woman! She knew she was a target and yet she tried to make change. I am shocked that such a figurehead from such an important country (Pakistan is a nuclear state) can be so easily killed. Long ago, I predicted Musharraf will end up being a major problem to the people of Pakistan, I got a couple of harsh comments which accused me of trying to rag on Pakistan. Like I said then, it had nothing to do with the country but everything to do with the fact that there is no such thing as a benovolent dictator. He will remain in “power.” Powerful enough to call himself President or Prime Minister but not powerful enough to tackle Al Qaeda. That requires the vote of confidence from the people which I doubt will ever be given to him.   

These photographs are heartbreaking in so many ways. The possibility that she could have lived if she didn’t stand up through the car’s sun roof, if she was more relunctant to be so close to the people. And so on.

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Persepolis: Trailer 2


Damn. Italian release date is set for the end of February.

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P.S. My firewall noticed that the Quicktime widget tried to download and install some unknown third party software on my PC (very nice Apple, very very nice of you) so here’s the direct download links for the 720p versions of the first trailer and the second trailer.

And Christmas for All


Adverblog has the most comprehensive collection of Holiday cards from creative agencies, producers et simila, including Ajit‘s Holiday Bokeh.

Go for it.

The Professor Brothers: The T.A. Interview

Hilarious animated series. Got to add this to my feeds.

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Alphabeat Boyfriend

Cute, playful video. Great example of what you can do without a budget.

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Talkless: “Tas-sa-na-jorn”

Liquid Fluid beauty from Thailand.  Directed by Huakom and ISE.

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Theresa Duncan’s History of Glamour

41 minute animated beauty! Currently, the suicides of the creator and her boyfriend are making big headlines.

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A man misses his bus on a very lonely road. That’s ony the beginning of a big stroke of bad luck.

Short movie by Simon Reeves (Diversion) featuring Anton Karas‘ theme from The Third Man.

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The cutest evil eye

I wonder how he learned the trick in the first place.

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Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste

Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste

The Lord of the Rings director first feature back in 1987 is available online.

An alien prevention group called Alien Investigation and Defence Service’ – A.I.D.S(!)¸ wage war on aliens that have come to earth to supply an intergalactic fast food chain with a new dish – human flesh. They meet many challenges and many aliens (who can easily be distinguished by the blue oxford shirts they all wear) along their quest of stopping the invaders. It is very difficult to believe that Peter Jackson (as in Peter ”Lord of the Rings” Jackson) had anything to do with this movie. But¸ not only did he direct this home-grown funny¸ he played the main character – derek¸ who spends the majority of the movie losing pieces of his brain out of a wound in the back of his skull. This movie has a certain monty python meets my 2nd grade class clown kind of feel. Except without the class or the monty python part. And I mean that¸ as a compliment.

Watch it (1 hour & 31 mins)

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