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W. Brandon Voges: Paintball Office Photoshoot

This “behind the scene” video is making the round of the blogosphere, so it would be unpolite to ignore it.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Georgette Plays a Goth


Music video about a waitress who occasionally shows up to her posh restaurant shift dressed as a goth. It was illustrated and animated by George Pfromm II.

Watch it. (Flash animation)

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Martin Scoresese’s The Key to Reserva

Martin Scoresese’s The Key to Reserva

Scorsese shoots an unfinished Hitchcock short script. Sorry, I can’t tell you anymore, you will just have to see it.

My favorite Scorsese work in a while.

Watch it – via HD for Indies 

Hell Yea Dude ! – Inspiring video’s that went unnoticed

Gorgeous geekery.

Lantern Fish

Lantern Fish

What a great way to learn! You get a sense of proportion and it is visually fun.

Watch it

What a Freegan Waste

What is a Freegan? And why are so many of them popping up all over the place?

Directors Notes posted this half hour documentary by Craig Rook about people that, in their own way, fight actively the environmental disaster.

Grab the short here.

Interview with the author here.

Teaser Trailer for Semi Pro with Will Ferrel


The magic ingredients for a good promo? A celebrity, some nudity, secual innuendos, sport. This one’s got ’em all. Wrong.

Download the teaser. (Quicktime)

Official website for Semi-Pro.

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Gone with the Wind: Alternate Endings

From the Ultimate Edition DVD. OK, actually it’s from Mad TV…

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Untitled #7

An experimental piece from ilOYOli Lab. A montage of feelings more than images.

Watch it. (Flash Video)



I guess the perfect word to describe this video for Mika‘s song is: sweet.  Even tho’ is not so innocent as it could appear…
Realized at Passion by Bonzom, a collective of French directors.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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Havaianas – Feet Want Out

Havaianas - Feet Want Out

The entire video is animated in the perspective of a foot. Sounds a little cheesy but it is amazing how much beauty this foot sees. Great graphics by Three Legged Legs. [All of this makes me sound like a podiatrist or someone with a foot fetish]

Watch it

Spike Jonze – How they got there

This was the first Jonze video I ever saw. I saw it only because a bunch of big commercial directors from a company I used to work for (not mentioning the name but if you work in the industry, you know of them) could not contain the excitement because they had recieved Jonze’s reel and could not wait another second without watching it. So I had to see what all the fuss was all about and piled in with the rest of the office into the “media room.”

It was wonderful but also quite simple. I was kinda surprised with all the hype over this “Spike” guy. But very soon, the music videos started hitting the streets (early 90’s) and it all made perfect sense. 

Watch it

Money Money Money Money…


Money makes the world go ’round. Or to hell?

A campaign for WWF Brasil, developed by DM9 and realizd at PixPost.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

From Japanese Show to TV Ad

You surely saw some clips from the show Haneru no Tobira… Ok, what if I say Human Tetris? I knew you’re smart guys! For a recap, watch clips 123

Recently, a clip appeared where Japanese sumo wrestles are replaced by scantly clad girls. The clip comes from Italian show Distraction, where people undergoes every form of humiliation in order to get the final prize. The sums pretty well the status of Italian television, for content quality as well as for its originality. Watch the clip here.

This morning I’ve also caught up on an a commercial for… you know those things women needs once a month, but men doesn’t? And you know those silly spots (usually conceived by men) for those things, aint’ you. Well, check this one out here.

LoveLikeFire – “I Will”

LoveLikeFire - “I Will”

The cinematography is simply wonderful. The multi-channel (split-screen) creates a rhythmic ripple that begs to be touched.

Watch I Will – via antville

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