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Jojo in the Stars


In the middle of some sort of wasteland stands an imposing, featureless building that rises forever into the sky. The building holds a nightly attraction, a freak show that draws crowds from all over the region on a nightly basis. One creature comes every night but not just to marvel at the grotesque freaks but rather to watch Jojo, an enchantingly beautiful creature that rides the high wire. However his longing does not go unnoticed – not a problem when it comes to the lonely Jojo but more an issue for the jealous and spiteful owner. (Comment by bob the moo)

A love story set in the world of Macr Craste‘s Pica Towers.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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One Response to “Jojo in the Stars”

  1. Sayon on April 14th, 2008 12:01 pm

    This is the most sad and beautiful story I’ve ever seen. The characters are created by a genius =]