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Do It Your Own Damn Self!

In an industry where filmmakers continue to play by the same tired rules, it’s always refreshing to see someone come along and mix things up like Michael W. Dean has done, making his documentary [D.I.Y. OR DIE: How To Survive as an Independent Artist] fully available to watch on YouTube and, consequentially, here as well. In a similar move to recording artists like Radiohead or Saul Williams, you can watch Michael’s documentary for free, and always purchase a DVD if you so feel like doing so. Either way, you will get to see it.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Official website.

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Buried for Real


They don’t call it a reality show for nothing, didn’t they?

Enterre pour de vrai is a short animated movie by ESMA students Damien Delaunay, Matthew Boerjan and Vincent Lion; music composed by David Chochoi.

Go for it. (Quicktime clip. Site requires Flash)

A Flash clip can be found here.

Supermarket 2.0

If you want your old store to survive in the age of teh internets, you have to go social… I can has tags?

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Jojo in the Stars


In the middle of some sort of wasteland stands an imposing, featureless building that rises forever into the sky. The building holds a nightly attraction, a freak show that draws crowds from all over the region on a nightly basis. One creature comes every night but not just to marvel at the grotesque freaks but rather to watch Jojo, an enchantingly beautiful creature that rides the high wire. However his longing does not go unnoticed – not a problem when it comes to the lonely Jojo but more an issue for the jealous and spiteful owner. (Comment by bob the moo)

A love story set in the world of Macr Craste‘s Pica Towers.

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Official site.

Memes Meltin’ Pot


Line Racer meets the Tumbling Lady when a scantily clad redhead on rollerblades raid thru a fantasmagoric landscape in this music video for the Airpushers song, Red Head Speedskater.

Directed by Kompost.

Download. (Quicktime)

Salaryman 6


The mundane and repetitive life of the salaryman is shown in detail as he attempts to piece together his life using the aid of a pocket camera, after losing his memory.

Short film by Ne-O (Jade Knight and Ryoko Tanaka)

The wide aspect ratio and the cold photography gives it a sort of “nightmarish real” visual quality.

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It’s All Because (The Gays Are Gettin’ Married)

If there is something that you’ll never run out of, it is some scapegoat to blame your troubles on…

A music video for Oded Gross directed by Morgan Nichols.

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Jesus Saves, I Spend


Introducing Annie Clark aka St. Vincent.

Music video directed by Andy Bruntel and Bucky Fukumoto.

Watch or download. (Quicktime)

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The One Weekend Book Series


In each issue of TwoPoints‘ project The One Weekend Book Series M. Lorenz and a guest artist are given 48 hours to experience a city, document it and create a visual diary without the use of computers.

Design studio Curt was asked to create a movie out of the first 5 volumes for the 2007 exhibition at the Shift gallery in Japan.

Watch it. (Quicktime)

Ticklinks: Think Different

The Strangest Village in Britain

Ad for Famu Film Festival

Hassidic Jewish Reggae (Thanks Rob)

Deadly Finger

One of the funniest action shorts I have ever seen. A highlight of the recently completed Converge South Film Festival. The excellent program was curated by Andy Coon. I had a couple of films in the program, I will bring you more shorts from the festival later this week.

Watch it

Kris Holm – Unicyleman

Doesn’t seem very extreme when the montage is cut to bad rock music. Amazing stunts nevertheless.

Watch it

Pee Wee Herman and Large Marge


Pee Wee hitchhikes a ride from truck rider Large Marge, in this scene from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

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Ronaldinho in the Office

What are we going to do of all this paper now?

Watch it. (WARNING: Gross!)



There was a time when the sky was too low, so low that all men suffered headache.

At least, that is the story told by an old Native to the kids, in this short movie by students of the ESMA.

Go for it! (AVI, Quicktime)

Subtitled AVI file’s here.

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