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Sublime Recycling: Mash-ups that Rock!

Recently, we have seen a rash of mash-up’s where people take a classic movie and disfigure it to create something anew. We have seen Kubrick’s The Shining as a buddy comedy, Boogie Nights as Star Wars, Toy Story as Requiem for a Dream. All of these are quite clever and popular (here is a site that revolves around mash-up trailers). However, there are others, like the ones listed below, that transcend the original material and become something wholly original.

Combining Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You with Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire dance numbers would seem incompatible. But it works beautifully. The emotional dynamic is of a cynical older self looking back at a younger, more innocent self. I am not a lover of musical or even dance numbers but when watching this I yearn for that kind of creativity.

Put you hands up Detroit features showgirls from the silent film era shaking their booty like the music video girls of today. These women are dead now but I couldn’t help thinking that these women were somebody’s mother and even more somebody’s grandmother. How cool and disturbing? (Posted earlier)

Body Magic retools the Mickey Mouse club into a hip, happening Soul Train. You can’t help but be a little embarrassed on the part of the kids. (Posted earlier)

Like some of the clever trailers mentioned above, 8 1/2 Mile stitches two movies together – Fellini’s 8 1/2 with Eminem’s 8 Mile. What works so great is that the neither film isn’t cleverly distorted to work in a different genre but instead showcase the same story told in different generations by different artists. (Posted earlier and featured on Best of 2006)

The MFF vs The Evil Dead is composed of over 200 audio and video samples taken from the Sam Raimi’s trilogy: The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness. No other elements were used. The audio editing is insanely “groovy.” (Posted earlier)



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