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Just in case Jenna Bush is pregnant, Bill Maher is ready for the baby shower…

Watch Knocked up. (Quicktime)

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Nodern’s Video


How would you expect the video for a song called “Oh, Diamond, Diamond, thou little Knowest the Mischief thou hast Done!” to be?

Yeah, exactly…

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Official website.

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Ticklinks: Say what?

The Skull Fucking Bill of 2007 – I am glad somebody is finally addressing this.

Cats on a Plane – Much Scarier than snakes.

Metaphors – Can you find them all?

New Wave Country – Where did the breakdancing kid come from? (via Nerdcore)

Iraqi insurgents don’t need subtitles!Oldie but a goodie!

Maybe he ran out of bathroom tissue?

NOT!!! Olbermann re-enacts the bathroom drama that has plagued ultra-conservative Idaho Senator Larry Craig. The re-enactment not only follows the script (as written by the undercover cop who busted Craig) but also adds a touch of style from the old cop show Dragnet. Hilarious!

I hate controversies such as this because the result seems to be even more homophobia, at least in terms of Senators being open enough to talk about their orientation. But the reason me and others bring attention to this stuff is because of the hypocrisy in American politics, especially with the Republican Party’s “family values.” For any group to imagine that these powerful men are like themselves are delusional and stupid.

Watch it

Kids Ride 1200 ft High Zipline to School

The most amazing aspect is a girl called Daisy who carries her 7-year-old sister in a bag to cross the zip line daily. Sixty people use the cable daily and although it looks dangerous, no one was ever seriously injured.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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The Simpsons’ Star Wars Intro



Before you lose your mind searching for it, this is not from any episode of the series, but an original spoof by animator Rich Cando.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Previously: Family Guy’sRobot Chicken’s

Why Does He Do It?


¿Por qué lo hago? is a beautiful short movie by Pablo Olmos Arrayales, dedicated to everyone who remember those who forget.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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Miss Teen South Carolina

I personally believe that you’ve already seen it…

Anyway, some of the parodies sprouted around are pretty funny.

Watch the original video.

Watch Miss Teen’s Parents.

Watch Miss Teen’s Inspiration.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Explanation.

And finally, here’s your map!

Fox Invades Iran

Of course, this is the sequel to Fox invades Iraq.

Watch it – via Crooks and Liars

Ticklinks: Bloody Internet Tubes

Gmail: Behind the Scenes – Google even does its promotional videos right.  (via mesimagesquibougent)

The Internet is killing our culture – If he wasn’t so snobby, his points would seem more acceptable.

Inbox Zero – dealing with email onslaught.

Top Ten Online Filmmaking Techniques.

Content, emotion and motivation.

Beyond Burning Man

A short documentary series about the counterculture that exists within Burning Man which is a counterculture event to begin with. Well produced, this should be on television. I mean that as a compliment.

Watch it (thanks Steve)



I have been a little slack about checking out the submissions that have been coming in, apologies! A lot of guilt because this little classic was submitted by Nicop on July 23rd. Yikes!

Musicotherapie doesn’t fit nicely in any particular genre, it is neither a short or a music video. Each moment possesses an abundance of witty visual ideas. The animation complements these ideas beautifully. The combination of rhythm and the absurd action successfully bring out the insane in you. Brilliant stuff!

Watch it

The Pussy Party

The Pussy Party

Stickers have never been so entertaining.

Watch itEarlier

Read a Book!

Read a Book!

Get ready to laugh and be offended.

The Animated Video for Read a Book as seen on BET. Written, performed and Produced by Bomani Armah.

Watch it (Thanks Dan)

Drums Unlimited


Yesterday I posted about Mondovision on No Fat Clips!!!

Here’s another mind blowing audio video mash-up by Giovanni Sample.

Two minutes sample:  Bionic Man vs Kim Wilde

Full version: Drums Unlimited

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