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Donny no skins – The meaning of pain

Donny no skins - The meaning of pain

Hilarious animated short about how mental pain is worse than physical pain.

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Michelangelo Antonioni passes away at 94

Wow, two landmark directors, Michelangelo Antonioni and Ingmar Bergman, passed away on the same day. Strange still is that though they were both from the same generation of filmmakers, I never put their works alongside each other but in their deaths, you could see the similarities. Both embraced silence and black and white in a way that we will most likely never see again. They were the easily amongst the most successful European art directors. When people parodied 70’s art cinema with its stark black & white look and its sparse dialogue, they were essentially making fun of Bergman or Antonioni. While Bergman indirectly talked about God, Antonioni seemed fascinated with existentialism.

Here is Antonioni filmography. L’ Avventura was the first Antonioni film I ever saw and remains my favorite. Among his other films, the great sex scene from Zabriskie Point is a stand-out. Blow-up is another classic which was the basis for Brian De Palma’s Blow Out. I got to check out his other work.

The Good The Bad And The Queen

The Good The Bad And The Queen

I got a headache watching this, partially because I have seen these events in person and the memory of it is quite powerful. In person, these events have an air of craziness where your brain is overwhelmed by all this primal energy that you just want to get on the ground and sleep.

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Stop proposed regulations by NYC Mayor’s Office for Film

Julie Talen writes:

The mayor’s office of film in NYC has just proposed a series of terrifying regulations that will really end film-making and photography as we know it in the city – two people using any handheld camera for half an hour or more in the same place will need an actual city permit – which takes up to 30 days to get, requires budgets, location plans, etc. etc. – AND a million dollars of insurance. Anyone using a tripod and five or more people will need the permit and insurance after TEN minutes – and that’s including  set-up and breakdown time.

These rules are just crazy and we have to stop them – and sheer magnitude of public pressure is the only way.

What morons! If you live or shoot in the city, don’t let them get away with this. Here is what you can do:

  1. Sign this petition, as well as get other people to do the same.
  2. Link to the petition from your site.
  3. Make your own Video Public Comments. Send them to and to Here are some examples.

NYC has had its share of absurd laws, this one might among the worst. Why would any city, especially as beautiful as NYC, hinder people from filming it? Do something, make a difference.

Ingmar Bergman passes away at 89

One of the greatest artists in cinema passed away earlier today. When I was in college, there wasn’t another director I cherished or studied more than Ingmar Bergman. There is so much that can be said of Bergman’s work, especially when it has been so long and diverse as his, but I will focus on some of my favorite Bergman moments.

My first Bergman film was Persona. Till then, my knowledge of art cinema consisted of American Indies. I was working at an art movie theater at the time and one of the other workers, a Woman in her fifties, asked me if I had seen a Bergman film. I said no and she seemed surprised, then murmured disdainfully that I should check it out. So the next day, I went to the college library and rented Persona. It was like watching an alien mind at work, dissecting humans in all of its darkness. It has been so long since I have seen it but I can still remember the invisible energy in the film, every element and every expression carried some sort of hidden drama or code.

Cries and Whispers seemed like a continuation of Persona but in a more melodic structure. There are some great individual scenes here but the one that still sticks out is where the caretaker “warms” the sick person in bed.

I saw Fanny and Alexander with a non-film person who made me promise to walk out with them if they got bored. Knowing Bergman’s films, I was almost certain this might happen. But Fanny and Alexander was as mainstream as Bergman got. We stayed and I even remember a couple of approving comments made by my companion.

My favorite Bergman film has to be Wild Strawberries. I still have an old vhs dupe that I refused to copy over with another movie. The film fascination with time is evident in its story and also in its structure. Conversations and scenes go back and forth but everything feels seamless and intuitive. The last scene where Professor Borg finds his parents fishing is so beautiful. My heart breaks just thinking of it.

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Keith Bearden’s The Raftman’s Razor

Keith Bearden’s The Raftman’s Razor

A beautiful short film on two teenage boys who are fascinated with an existential comic book. The story within the story is fascinating and deserves to be a feature film on its own. In his conversation with Director’s Notes, Bearden mentions that there is a possibility that a feature film might come out of this short. I would love to see that.

Don’t miss this, one of the best shorts I have ever seen.

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This Film Is Not Yet Rated

This Film Is Not Yet Rated is an independent documentary film about the Motion Picture Association of America’s rating system and its effect on American culture, directed by Kirby Dick and produced by Eddie Schmidt. It premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and was released into select theatres on September 1, 2006. The Independent Film Channel, the film’s producer, aired the film later that autumn.The MPAA gave the original cut of the film an NC-17 rating for “some graphic sexual content”: scenes that illustrated the content a film could include to garner an NC-17 rating. Kirby Dick appealed, and descriptions of the ratings deliberations and appeal were included in the documentary. The new version of the film is not rated.

The film discusses disparities the filmmaker sees in ratings and feedback: between Hollywood and independent films, between gay and straight sexual situations, and between violence and sexual content.

Kirby Dick’s controversial film is available on Google Video.

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Typical Woman

Oh my! Look at the face of the poor kid…

You can watch the video jumping on Metacafe or just clicking here: Read more

One Post, Two Campaigns, Three Spots

Well, actually six eight, but it sounded better that way…

The first campaign, for Frucor, has been ideated at Colenso BBDO, and realized at Wanda. Director was Wilfrid Brimo.

Watch: BuildersDateCrying

The second campaign, for Miller Lite, has been ideated at Young & Rubicam, and realized by Psyop.

Watch: CollectorConversationTattoo

Extras: NumbersDancer

Making of Star Guitar

Here is a short doc on the making of one of the greatest music videos of all time, Michael Gondry’s Star Guitar. (via Coudal)

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Bumbershoot trailer

Bumbershoot trailer

Sean Pecknold who we have featured here before created this beautiful ad for Bumbershoot Music and Arts festival. The heartbraking song is by his brother’s band, Fleet Foxes.

Watch itdoc on the making of

We Are the Scum of the Internet!!!

Faux News said it. You gotta believe it!!!

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Jaws Theme Song



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