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Review of Four Eyed Monsters

Watching a film online is certainly a different experience from watching it in a theater. I kept resisting to do something else while watching the film. The film is montage-heavy, and watching montages online for so long gets tiresome pretty quickly. So I highly suggest watching the film in a theater or a DVD.

The actual movie. The first 30 mins was a blur. It was cute but it had no real conflict or any sort of momentum. The music did a lot of the work. But once the first big conflict comes up, the montages become somewhat human and starts to take a shape of a story.

After that, the emotion seems to slowly drain out. There is so many good ideas here, mingled with other not so great ideas which seemed to have been kept in to fit the feature film length. So the strong ideas seemed a little watered down. However, I do believe the most exciting thing about this film is the courage to put it all out there. I feel my film vocabulary just expanded because of these risks.

In many good and bad ways, this films is unlike other features. No real storyline and no real moments or scenes. That is why the after taste feels like a little shallow. I wished there were more moments or scenes that were left unaltered or cut up. It seemed the filmmakers were willing to be courageous with more rather than less.

A lot of the most interesting moments, however brief, came from the extras. The people in the background. Because of this, I wished the entire film was shot in a manner where the main characters were aware of the camera the entire time. Everytime the fourth wall was supposed to be up, I felt like I was watching the actors.

The film is strong evidence of the talents of Arin and Susan. I look forward to the day when the execution will be as strong as the ideas.

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