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iPhone Day

Out with the old and in with the iPhone. Everybody (except me) wants one. But not everybody’s going to get one!

Here’s a short skit by ye Olde English. Special guest: John Gemberling. Music by Jesse Novak.

Watch it! (Flash Video)

Dirty Dancing: Thriller Mash-up

If you have a lot of time on your hands, thriller trailer mash-ups are a good way to use it.

Watch Dirty Dancing Recut. (Flash Video)

Weekend trip

Combination of traveling and the holidays will make it really hard for to post anything in the next couple of days (I am guessing till Wednesday at the earliest). There are a couple of posts that are scheduled to post and Dek, hopefully, should be available during my absence.

Hope you have a great July 4th.

Bill Maher on Feminism

The title alone should tell you what is to follow. Surprisingly, I found it funny and true more than politically incorrect.

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– Unrelated but here is a Female journalist who is less interested in Paris Hilton than her male counterparts.

Digital Domain’s mindblowing body of work

Digital Domain’s mindblowing body of work

So Digital Domain is behind much of the cool effects in Hollywood. They have worked on movies such as the Lord of the Rings, Flags of Our Fathers, Titanic and scores more. The reels are combinations of the actual end effect and what took to make it.

The reels come in many flavors: Company, Character, Vehicles, Environment, Natural phenomenon, Matte Painting, Water, Humans & Compositing. A lot of these reels intersect so there is plenty of repetition.

Also they have page on how it is done (go to home, then click features, then behind the scenes).

via Tropist

The Simpsons and the Rapture

A couple of clips from the episode Thank God It’s Doomsday.

Watch Left Below. (Flash Video)

Watch Reversing the Rapture. (Flash Video)

Kill All The Living!!!


Ronnie McDonald is teaching at Brainwashing 101 in the music video for Uncut‘s Darkhorse, directed by Kris Lefcoe.
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Just updated this post from last year with a clip about the making of the movie. Don’t know if the featurette adds or takes from it. Probably both, it this is possible…

Enjoy this sparse yet lush story!

Watch it in MPEG-4 on No Fat Clips!!!

Watch it in Quicktime at the author’s website.

Michael Moore’s Sicko

Michael Moore’s Sicko

I went back and forth on whether I should link to this. But at the end, I decided if I was going to watch it then I shouldn’t stop others from watching it (especially since it is so relevant). So here is Michael Moore’s just released film in its entirety. Whoever posted the film also has a written a nice intro to the film:

Sicko is not a movie about the 50 million Americans walking around without health insurance. Sicko is a movie about the other 250 million of us who have insurance, but are just as well and truly screwed. It’s also about freedom, real freedom, not the empty kind that gets thrown around as a buzzword; the freedom to live your life with the certainty that forces beyond your control won’t take away everything you have and everything you are. We don’t have that kind of freedom here in America, and Moore’s film makes that point by simply talking to real people. They’re your neighbors, your friends, your parents, some of them are even 9/11 heroes. Moore uses his camera to let them tell their stories of insurance company mistreatment and in the process paints a complete picture of a corrupt and fatally flawed system which isn’t just killing people but taking away their dignity and their liberty.

This isn’t Moore’s best film but it is relevant to more Americans than any of his other films. It is also more emotional compared to his other recent work. Don’t miss it.

Watch it

P.S. If you, my readers, or the people involved with the film want this post taken down, contact me because I will most likely do so. The guilt will get unbearable then.

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

Arresting stillness that teases more than shows. The tease, however, is quite good.

Watch it – more info at Dek’s

monkey’s butt is red

Word play, playful, foolhardy, ditsy, sing song.

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Slyrbe – Ants in black turtlenecks

Slyrbe - Ants in black turtlenecks

This might sound strange but that doll is perfectly casted. Better than Chucky and his bride. The creepy almost witch-like ceremony is beautiful to look at. I really didn’t enjoy the song but every frame of the video was a beautiful little surprise. Directed by My Happy People, whoever you are.

Watch it – via antville

Kula Shaker – Second Sight

Kula Shaker - Second Sight

When I was a kid, I loved the Sherlock Holmes television show. In one of the shows, Holmes figures out there is a hidden room in between the other rooms. To this day, even when it is certainly not possible, I keep my eyes out for secret spaces. Maybe the construction crew forgot and plastered up a wall that should have been a door. Maybe the homeowners have a hidden sanctuary. The list goes on. But it amazes me that some show, so long ago, still perks my mind to look for secret spaces.

This music video by Lucy Balley & Crispian Mills combines the Conan Doyle characters with 40’s Hollywood lighting techniques to create a modern drugscape video. Quietly witty.

Watch quicktime or flash – via antville

p.s. I love when he shakes his head like Indians do and the titles read “I have spent time in the Punjab.” Hahahahah!

Designer Slash Model

Designer Slash Model

A hilarious parody of the countless reels being spit out by graphic firms where every thing is so polished and sold as better than anything ever seen before. In the end, these graphic design companies sell their taste, it is assumed they can do all the things that are technically required. Taste is the differentiating factor. Good looking people seemingly have good taste, right?

In Designer Slash Model, the designers not only sells their graphics, they sell their looks.

Watch itSite

Teenage Affluenza Is Spreading Fast

Although meals, travel and education is available to girls like Erin, many are forced to live on less than $40 pocket money each week. Erin’s iPod only holds 1 GB.

Watch this. (Flash Video)

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