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Handsome Furs – Dumb Animals

Handsome Furs - Dumb AnimalsHandsome Furs - Dumb Animals

Here is another video that will be part of my best of 2007 list. This is simply fantastic. And like my other favorite from this year, there are a lot of slow zooms, a vague but potent plot, Lynch-like mood and visuals that keep your eyes glued.

The video is mildly disturbing, half of the energy in watching it is pleading with the characters to break free. But like any smart director would do, Panos Cosmatos avoids any such release.

On second watch, the classical plot features two lovers on their journey to be split up by strong, evil and parent-like forces.

Watch itYoutube – via antville

Update: Watched a couple more times, small things that I didn’t notice before now make an appearance. The editing is flawless. The length of the shots have no uniformity and for a music video that’s pretty daring. However, all of this works.

The long shot of the car on one side and road markings on the other, goes so beautifully with the music. I keep watching it over and over again, wondering if this was something that was found in the editing or planned in pre-production.


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