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George Tenet Breaks His Silence

The former CIA Director spills the beans on the Bush administration but more than that explains the intense pressures he faced after the leadership. Some of the major stuff from the interview:

1) He warned the administration that Bin Laden was planning on attacking America in July 2001. Rice didn’t do anything about it.
2) He defends the CIA interrogation camps. Says there are not torture cells as reported. I am not convinced.
3) His lifelong struggle to capture Bin Laden.
4) His “slamdunk” quote was misquoted by Cheney & co.
5) As we all know, the administration has always been infatuated with Iraq.
6) The mistakes CIA made in regards to Powell’s address to UN.

Watch it

Big Yellow Self Storage awesome stopmotion ad

Big Yellow Self Storage awesome stopmotion ad

I try my darnest not to buy things that I don’t need (and even somethings I partially need) and yet I find myself overwhelmed with stuff!! The sheer amount of chargers is insane. Here is a smart ad that partially addresses that helplessness.

Watch it – via Nozap

This Office Is More Fun Than Yours

Oh, what fun!

Devils Advocate

Rhwinter who has added plenty to our collection of favorite scenes writes:

It is “Eddie Barzoon, god’s special creature” which is simply amazing everytime. I wonder how much you have to pay Al Pacino for him to say: “We’ve got a billion Eddie Barzoons all jogging into the future, every one of them ready to fistfuck god’s ex-planet”!!! (It’s a real shame that Keanu Reeves is such a… Keanu Reeves).

This movie has some excellent quotes.

This one is a winner too, I mean: “His own private gag reel”, “It’s the goof of all time”, “He’s laughing his sick, fucking ass off!”, “He’s a tightass”, “He’s a sadist”, and on and on, all with capital H’s!

Body Magic

Body Magic

The video features dancers from the Mickey Mouse Club. The kids look like they are so full of themselves. Incomplete dance moves coupled with confident smiles mixed in with horrendous haircuts creates a plate of unintentional slapstick. I am certain, however, there is nobody that lived in that era and was able to escape the insanity.

Watch it – via antville

The church of the future

Classic Movies Made Easier to Get…

If you ever experienced terrible headaches, trying to figure out what 2001 or Donnie Darko were actually about, this post is for you.

No more pain, no more dismay, thanks to Jack Douglass!

Watch 2001, a Space Odissey (on Crack)

Watch Donnie Darko (silent movie version)

Watch Blue Velvet (short version) [NSFW: language!]

My Left Eye Sees In 35mm!


My Left Eye (Mi ojo izquierdo) is based on a great concept. Five directors realized five movies out of the same script, to celebrate the importance of different, independent points of view in cinema as well as in journalism.

The short was made by creative agency Santo to open the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, sponsored by Clarin‘s newspapers.

The pool of directors: Ariel Winograd, Rodrigo Garcia Saiz, Plástico, Cayetana Vidal and Nicolás Parodi.

Watch it in Quicktime or Flash Video format.

Pulp Muppets


A trailer for Pulp Fiction as if it would be re-enacted by The Muppets. Crrrrrrazy!

Watch it. (Flash Video)

The Simpsons vs American Idol


Don’t worry: you’re going to Hollywood! It’s right through this door…

The Simpsons parodize American Idol. Or something like that.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Watch also: Marge on the Internet

A Walk to Beautiful


Ten minute preview for a documentary about five Ethiopian women whose lives have been devastated by obstetric fistula and their difficult journey to reach for a cure.

Watch it. (Flash or MPEG)

Related: UNFPA initiative to end violence against women.

via Ample Sanity



a short film about Cannibals in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Whoah! A brutal Grindhouse-like short.

Watch it

Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda

Ed Wood's Glen or Glenda

The classic bad film is available in full on Youtube. If you aren’t familiar with Ed Wood, he is a film director from the 50’s and 60’s whose films are recognized for their universal suckiness. Johnny Depp played him in a recent popular movie. The suckiness is actually quite entertaining. The plot to Glen or Glenda:

Upon discovering the suicide of a known transvestite, the police inspector seeks enlightenment from a psychiatrist familiar with the phenomenom. The psychiatrist tells him two tales. Glen is to be married to Barbara, but must find a way to tell her of his desire to wear her angora sweater, and of his cross-dressing needs in general. Another is the story of Alan, who decides to physically become a female via surgery (based on the contemporary story of Christine Jorgensen). Throughout the film a scientist inanely babbles about life and death in order to somehow elucidate the story.

Watch it (68 mins)

The Cookie Monster vs Coffee Break Machine


Thi short was made by Jim Henson and Frank Oz in 1967 as an IBM corporate and/or training video. At the time, the Cookie Monster was named Arnold the Munching Monster.

This should be the first appearence of the character, so I can barely imagine what the IBM employees may have tought when presented with such funny stuff!

Watch it. (Flash Video)

The Daily Show: McCain & Stewart debate Iraq

McCain’s intensity would indicate he were arguing with Stewart on the Senate floor. With Stewart’s home-field advantage, the debate was relatively one-sided.

Watch it – Also: Daily show on the two Bush’s



And here’s a short movie picked up from the March Selection (part 2).

An albino man (Raúl Zajdner) obsessed with white, tries to mantain a regular life, protecting himself from the perils (and the colors) of the outside world. But the most serious danger is waiting inside…

The short movie was directed by Gigi Romero with cinematography by MacGregor.

Go for it!

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