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Cinema Paridiso’s final scene

Cinema Paridiso's final scene

*spoiler alert*

The ending made a lot more sense in the director’s cut which was released a decade later. The scene in itself has plenty of magic but with the context, it is even more incredible.

A reel of film is all that the lead character has been left with from his mentor (more like a father). The reel consist of little snippets of film that were cut out because it went against the code of the local catholic priest. These snippets are saved by the mentor (who is the local projectionist) who asks this to be given to the lead character when he dies. The lead character who has grown to be successful filmmaker has become cynical about life and relationships. These snippets are little journeys back to a time of innocence but also about moving forward in terms of sexuality and repression.

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May the Force Be With You!


A new Star Wars inspired gangsta rap tune (by Jason Brannon) edited (by Joshua Shreve) on actual images from the movies.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Previoulsy: Star Wars Gangsta Rap.

An Ear A Kiss

An Ear  A Kiss

A really short and sweet piece.

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The Hours – Love You More

The Hours - Love You More

A fun video that asks how much you really love your the person you love.

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This Brazilian vampire short (22 mins) feels like a feature. I went back and forth about posting it. It is certainly beautiful to look at but the pace had me reaching for the scroll button. However, it is beautiful to look at and, if you have some patience, the mood is a blend of serene madness.

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Comedy Connections : The Office

All the history behind the successful British show that has now become an American successful show.

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Galacticast video podcasts

Galacticast video podcasts

For a long time now, I’ve heard about this show and ignored it, thinking that it was meant for Stars Wars conference attendees. And even though it has a general geeky tone, it is quite accessible. Excellent comedic writing makes this show really pop.

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Famous Balloon Movies

casaballona.jpg nbnw.jpg

A series of movie spoofs, “tied together by a running gag of a stray balloon that gets loose”.

Watch Casaballoona.

Watch Balloon Travels North By Northwest.

Read and watch more on Cartoon Brew.

This American Life – Premiere Episode

This American Life - Premiere Episode

Oh damn, I need to get Showtime. The television show rocks!! Improv Everywhere is featured in the first episode, we have covered them before. Besides the weird Ira Glass middle-of-nowhere transitions, this is as good as the radio show.

I wonder if all the episodes will be available on the web. And I am not even sure the url to this episode will stick, so check it out now.

Watch it – via Kottke

Billy Collins

We have mentioned Billy Collins videos before (Forgetfulness & The Country). He was America’s Poet Laureate and is currently the New York State’s Poet Laureate. Very popular for a poet.

Recently, some videos based on his poems have had plenty of success. The ones presented by JWTNY feature Billy Collins reading his own work. The professional graphics for each poem come from a different artist. This is something that I have wanted to do for so long, take a poem and give it life.

Billy Collins - The Best Cigarette

My favorite in the series is The Best Cigarette. Every beautiful line makes for an equally wonderful visual. The result is a stunning piece of filmmaking. If I had just read these lines, I would have missed much of the visual connections within the lines. The video never once leaves its smoky black and white imagery but it gives you all that you need to imagine the event that Collins is describing.

Billy Collins - budapest

Budapest is another perfect match of visuals and words. The visual style complimenting the playful and the absurd in the original.

The Dead
Some Days
Now and Then
Walking Across the Atlantic

The top 10 funniest tech videos on YouTube

My favorites are one & three. The full list is here.

Henry Joost and Die Romantik

Henry Joost and Die RomantikHenry Joost and Die Romantik

From Said the Gramaphone:

This is simply a soft and perfect treasure, a seamless visual dialogue. The man sings apparently to Linnea, the coy and smiling blond, about how he wants her, while she is clearly with another woman. However, upon reflection, it may not be that easy, he seems to be singing for someone else, he doesn’t seem affected by her refusal. He’s almost singing on our behalf, with his voice sounding like a male Astrud Gilberto, as if we, the newly introduced friend, have fallen immediately in love with Linnea, and he whimpers, half in warning half in lament, that we and he, and all the rest, want what will never be ours. But, that’s content. Formally, it’s edited like a tennis match. The tone, cadence, and colours are all brilliant. If you’ve seen F for Fake, you know that it starts like a jetplane, and goes non-stop for 40 minutes, and then lags bigtime for like 25 minutes during the Picasso part. This is what those 25 minutes should have been condensed to.

I have gotten to a point with experimental music videos that I don’t question anything. Character motivation and plot automatically get erased from my expectations. This can be bad when there are elements of it that are still present. The idea of just watching is painful and rewarding because you find little gems like this. The visual idea is brilliant. The girl is at first awkward but then as intoxicating as any Sophia Loren.

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Daily Show on political firings and hirings

Jon Stewart had John Bolton on his show. What amazes me is that Stewart can be as smart as he can be funny. He has the poise and eloquence to express himself politically and not sounding like a political robot. Bolton like any politician has talking points which means sometimes the repetition of the message is more important than the actual logic of it.

The recent controversy over the political firings of United States Attorneys, the Daily Show looks back at the trail of lies and asks what makes a “loyal Bushie.” Also read the David C. Iglesias article in the New York Times. He was one of the Attorneys that was fired by Gonazalez/Rove/Bush.

As many of you have been following the McCain 2008 Presidential campaign will know, the man seems opposite of the candidate that much of America supported in 2000. Stewart deems McCain’s new truth express as “Curved Talk” Weiner Mobile.

Dance with the Zombies!


Hey ya! This is a cross blogged post. Another half of this post has just been posted on No Fat Clips!!!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all break out into song at emotional points in our life and start dancing with zombies? Well, maybe it wouldn’t be that great, but it would be fun to watch! So…

Watch it! (Flash Video)

The clip is an excerpt from Happiness of Katakuris, which is covered on the cross blogged post. Jump there!

The Latest on Mario Bros Meme

Mario Bros is one the most exploited characters when you want to do some funny flick about videogames. Here are two recent recreations of the first level from Super Mario Bros, NES version.

The first one is a stop motion rendition that uses lego bricks and characters. The second one uses the popular Line Rider engine. They are both not completely faithful to the original design, to make a better use of the animation technique used. And that’s probably why I choosed those among the countless bunch of similar videos.

Watch Mario Bros Lego. (Flash Video)

Watch Line Rider: Mario Bros. (Flash Video)

There’s a nice Java clone of Mario here, if you’d like to play…

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