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Billy Collins

We have mentioned Billy Collins videos before (Forgetfulness & The Country). He was America’s Poet Laureate and is currently the New York State’s Poet Laureate. Very popular for a poet.

Recently, some videos based on his poems have had plenty of success. The ones presented by JWTNY feature Billy Collins reading his own work. The professional graphics for each poem come from a different artist. This is something that I have wanted to do for so long, take a poem and give it life.

Billy Collins - The Best Cigarette

My favorite in the series is The Best Cigarette. Every beautiful line makes for an equally wonderful visual. The result is a stunning piece of filmmaking. If I had just read these lines, I would have missed much of the visual connections within the lines. The video never once leaves its smoky black and white imagery but it gives you all that you need to imagine the event that Collins is describing.

Billy Collins - budapest

Budapest is another perfect match of visuals and words. The visual style complimenting the playful and the absurd in the original.

The Dead
Some Days
Now and Then
Walking Across the Atlantic


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  1. betsy de Fries on April 11th, 2007 11:46 am

    There’s another 6 animated versions of the Billy Colllins poems from the Nine Horses collection. We did one here at Little Fluffy Clouds – TODAY. It’s up on our site – or on the – along with the others in the series. … It was a great project to work on but a labour of love – no money changed hands : )) As a 2 (wo)man band we had to create ours between paid work. … I never did find out what Billy Collins thought of them. That would have been interesting to know. Cheers!