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Jib Jab – What we call the news

Not as funny as This Land but so very true. The only news source I trust is Frontline which also is wrong from time to time.

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Swajana – Fisherman

This videoblog is about life in India. Little portraits and stories that that I bet most Indians were unawares of.

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The Japanese Tradition: Origami


An enthusiast paper folding rookie is challenging is old master in a mind blowing duel. Will he succeed?

Another installment in The Japanese Tradition. The full skit is in Japanese, with no subtitles. The abridged version only has the action. Make your choice.

Watch the abridged version. (Flash Video)

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Previously: Sushi.

Goldstein for President

Goldstein for President

The one-time Screw magazine publisher, homeless person, porn advocate is now one of the Presidential canditates for 2008. He doesn’t stand a chance but at least he will give these elections a little personality.

And if you are interested in his policies: he is pro-tit, pro-clit, pro-pot, pro-books, pro-thinking, anti-war.

Some quotes from his election page:

– Removing the “o” from country
– Universal AL-Care, which will provide daily government subsidized cunnilingus for women, and a damn good cigar for every male citizen
– Will continue to hate George and love bush
– Will try his famed tongue on Nancy’s Pelosi.

Pornographer, author, champion of the first amendment, and very dirty old man, he’s our own little weapon of mass destruction. Put Al in office, if only to see Dick Cheney crap his pants.

Watch his general election video. There are also other videos on various subjects: Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton (hilarious), Racism (eh?), Gay Marriage (awesome), George Bush & Iraq.

Jean Louis Murat – Caillou


The smallest story (involving a volcano) ever told…

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Mirrormask: Dressing

A girl is getting dressed by a strange device that’s singing Carpenters‘ song, Close to You. A clip from the movie Mirrormask.

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Amy Winehouse – Rehab

Amy Winehouse - Rehab

A good mix of relaxation and intensity. Not sure if I like the video but the song reminds me of Nina Simone who I’ve loved.

Watch it – via antville

More from Winehouse:

Back to Black
F**k me pumps
You Know I’m No Good

The Great Train Robbery (1903)

The Great Train Robbery (1903)

From Wikipedia:

The Great Train Robbery is a 1903 western film by Edwin S. Porter. The film is only twelve minutes long, but is a milestone in film making, expanding on Porter’s previous work Life of an American Fireman. The film used a number of innovative techniques including cross cutting, double exposure composite editing, camera movement and on location shooting. Cross-cuts were a new, sophisticated editing technique. Some prints were also hand colored in certain scenes. None of the techniques were original to The Great Train Robbery, but no previous movie had combined them to such a dramatic effect. The film uses simple editing techniques (each scene is a single shot) and the story is mostly linear (with only a few “meanwhile” moments) but it represents a significant step in movie making, being one of the first “narrative” movies of significant length. It was quite successful in theaters and was imitated many times.
The movie was directed and photographed by Edwin S. Porter, a former Thomas Edison cameraman. Actors in the movie included A.C. Abadie, Broncho Billy Anderson and Justus D. Barnes, although there were no credits.

Also this piece of trivia:

The film was originally distributed with a note saying that the famous shot of the bandit firing his gun at the camera could be placed either at the beginning or at the end of the film, or both. Most modern prints put it at the end. Audiences at the time, for whom moving pictures were still very new and unfathomable, would usually scream in fear, then laugh in relief.

If you haven’t seen it, you should. You will be amazed how exciting it still is.

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My Dinner With De Niro

Funny conversation between De Niro from Taxi Driver and Heat.

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Sad Kermit – Hurt


“Soon after the death of Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog turned to a life full of drugs, alcohol and sex. His fall to rock-bottom was quick and unrelenting. These song documents Kermit’s pain during these years…and years to come.”

A cover of Johnny Cash‘s cover of Nine Inch Nails song

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Cinematical: Seven Great Movie Conversations

Cinematical has a good list of great movie conversations. And because there were several on the list I had not seen, I went looking for some clips from the listed movies. Here are the ones I found:

Before Sunset – One of my favorite films of all time. I saw it again last weekend, it was after midnight and I just got in from a long trip but I couldn’t resist. Clips on YouTube: conversation in the cab & the waltz (do not Watch if you have not seen the movie, please).

My Dinner wth Andre – I haven’t seen this movie but have wanted to for a while now. Here is a conversation about the future of human beings as Robots.

House of Yes – I love Parker Posey. Surprised I have not seen it already. Here is Posey seducing and messing with her competition. There is also an ending if you want to kill the surprise.

Conversations With Other Women – Very intriguing. Here is the scene from the elevator.

Roger Dodger – Another Netflix add. Scenes: sex is everywhere, staving off obsolescence & “He’s Not Daddy“.

Clerks- A classic comedy, I am not sure if it belongs here though. Here the two lead characters talk about the victims of Star Wars.

Metropolitan – another film that I thought that didn’t deserve to be on the list in my opinion. Good movie but there is not a conversation I remember or cherish. I couldn’t find any scenes of it online.


Here would be my list (of course, there would missing the ones that I have not seen):

Before Sunrise & Before Sunset – Two people never sounded more interesting and yet so simple.

Pulp Fiction – Conversation drives this great film.

Night on Earth – Benigni’s conversation is so damn good.

George Washington – Children make sense and the adults don’t. Everything is real and absurd at the same time.

What happened was – I watch this film over and over again because I find something new in the conversation.


Kevin Smith's Mallrats
Kevin Smith’s feature length film is available on Google Video. Not sure for how long.

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YouTube Award Winners

Not bad.

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Straight Up F**cking

Straight Up F**cking

Combining real voices and animation is not a new thing. However, when the dialogue is so juicy, it is simply too hard to resist.

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At War With Baraka

You have stumbled upon a little project that stumbled upon me. With a stroke of kismet, while watching the extraordinary 1992 film ‘Baraka’, by Ron Fricke, I played the The Flaming Lips new CD ‘At War With The Mystics’ to peculiar and captivating results that I wanted to share.

I suggest you watch this if you like The Flaming Lips and have already seen the original Baraka. At times, the two elements are in conflict and in others they work beautifully in a very unexpected way. Experiments like this inspire me with new ideas for editing music and visuals.

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