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Grizzly Bear – Knife

Grizzly Bear - Knife

One of the best music videos of 2007!! I love its ambitious tale, its pacing, the semi-cheesy effects. But most importantly, I can say unequivocally that it is an absolute original.

I have no idea what the real meaning of the plot is and I am not entirely sure I want to know because the experience is better for it. I have already watched it several times, reveling in its style which stands somewhere between Sergio Leone, Antonioni and Lynch. The walk after he gets cured is wonderful. A special mention should also be made to its visual texture.

I am also somewhat surprised to see some of the negative comments at Antville towards this video. Most videos don’t get any comments but this one (as of right now) got 34. The early comments were especially harsh. So I am guessing you are either going to hate or love it (or maybe even be a little jealous).

Watch it (best) – Youtube

– Same crew that created this. Another original.


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