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Drowning as Spam

Sorry for those couldn’t care less, but this is the only way I can inform my readers.

My blog has been locked by Blogger’s spam-prevention robots. I will not be able to publish update it. The unlock request has been sent, but I don’t know when it will be fulfilled.

Update – Ajit here: Dek is talking about No Fat Clips which is a site that goes hand in hand with Ticklebooth. I am sorry buddy, hope the problem is sorted quickly. This comes a day after I complained about Ticklebooth taking a spam beating over the weekend. Because of that I have added an extra level of comment authorization when you do comment. Pretty simple, hopefully it works.

Favorite Scenes: This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass

Favorite Scenes: This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass

Rhwinter suggests this scene from The Big Lebowski as part of our ongoing Favorite Scenes series from the movies. I have created a seperate category for these posts. If you would like to submit a scene, leave it in the comments.

Watch it

Hungary takes to Rap: War, What Is It For

Hungary takes to Rap: War, What Is It For

To make classic Hungarian cheese, here are the ingredients you will need:

1) One teaspoon of a Hungarian rapper in a dark trench coat. Don’t forget to pay homage to the “black brothers.”
2) Four cups of boy-band-reject background singers.
3) Several chorus servings of “sometimes people make a war, don’t know what is it for, say you start the war.”
4) With the chorus, mix these lyrics: “yea, come on, yea, once again…bizness.”
5) Spice it up with shots of guns, vulnerable women, cemeteries and guys in masks. Don’t forget to add the shots of the Porsche.
6) Marinate the entire thing with earnestness.
7) Serve by throwing a dove in the air.

To the creators of this video, I pay my respects to you because your cheese contains ample amounts of much-desired earnestness. Apologies for being such a cynical knucklehead.

Watch it – via Antville

Demon (Gra’)

Incarcerated in heaven, a demon sits out eternity. She longs to gaze out the solitary window but her nature won’t allow it. Then a visitor arrives.

Animated short by Eoin Ryan.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Minutes to Midnight

Minutes to MidnightMinutes to MidnightMinutes to MidnightMinutes to Midnight

A slideshow/ video on the behind-the-scenes of Trent Park’s Minutes to Midnight. One of the most outstanding, awe-inspiring collection of photos I have ever seen.

Park and his partner, both Australians, travel through the Australian outback in an effort to document the Australian spirit. Fascinating, inspiring and incredible. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. A must-see!

In 2003, with wife and fellow photographer Narelle Autio, Parke drove almost 90,000 kilometres around Australia. He had been saving for five years to make a road trip, but finally set off after noticing a newspaper survey that claimed most Australians thought their country had come to the end of an era. Parke says it was then he decided that the time had come to find out what his country had become. Minutes to Midnight, the collection of photographs from this journey, offers a sometimes disturbing portrait of 21st-century Australia, from the desiccated outback to the chaotic, melancholic vitality of life in remote Aboriginal towns.

Watch it – via NoZap

Drowning in Spam

I don’t know why spammers have once again taken a liking to this site but coming back from a long weekend to find more 3,000 spam comments is maddening. None of this reaches my mailbox or the comments section thanks to the Akismet plug-in for WordPress. However, I’ve been a little more trigger-happy with deleting the comments that Akismet has classified as spam.

So if you have commented in the last couple of weeks on the elegance of the site or how you find the content so engaging, it will surely have been deleted. In spam-riddled world, it is impossible to trust a compliment. A comment with the word “nice” will be automatically deleted till the flood subsides.

In the meanwhile, I will be looking to adding another layer of difficulty to commenting. We will see.

The Face of the Earth

I thought I’d already posted this but couldn’t find in the archives. Anyways, for a short film this is pretty ambitious in terms of character development and drama.

Watch it (18mins) – thanks William

Update: Available on Vimeo

The Forest Ensemble

From the creators of Manquer:

…we just finished a short animated open for a music video show hosted by John Richards of KEXP featuring music videos from the northwest.

Lovely graphics.

Watch it

Perpetuum Mobile


An Alchemist obsessed with discovering the secrets of the Perpetual Motion will change the life of a curious kid named Leonardo da Vinci.

Short movie by Enrique Garcia and Enrique Ajofrin.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Visit the official website.

Voices of Whale


Here’s a new installment in cross blogging. You’ll find another short by the same author on No Fat Clips!!!

“The work of American experimental composer George Crumb served as the inspiration for this experimental animation. Crumb‘snotation method is unconventional — fluid and artistic. This piece is an abstract visualization of his music and carries his idea into animation. The musical notes fly underwater after emerging from a giant shell with a texture of notes. After Effects and Cinema 4D were used for 2D compositing and 3D animation.” (Source: Digital Content Producer)

The short has been made by Heebok Lee. And it’s very, very fascinating.
Download. (Windows Media)

Watch it. (Flash Video)

And now, you can jump on No Fat Clips!!! for Tread Softly while this one downloads.

With What Shall I Wash It?


A hard day in the life of a transvestite hooker, smoothened in a baroque ballad. Sounds rude, looks rude too, but in the end is a very moving piece of animation.

¿Con qué la lavaré? is “a visual poem inspired by the 16th century piece of music With What Then May I Bathe (after which the short has been named), which pays tribute to the homosexual cult artists of the 20th century.”

The short, based on an original idea by Joaquín Ojeda has been directed by María Trénor and produced by Clara Trénor at Tacatuca.

The music is presented in a version by the Capella Reial (conducted by Jordi Savall) with the main voice sung by the soprano Montserrat Figueras.

Watch it. (Flash Video) [Not Safe For Work!]

via Mira y Calla and Milinkito


A girl working a boring job decides, thru a dream, to take that step into the outside.

Hand drawn animated short by Daron Nefcy.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Not So Small Talk

Two women in the office feel their own boobs in this short movie by Mike Wollaeger starring Suzanne Keilly and Kirsten Roeters.

Watch it here or here. (Flash Video)

Nicholas Brothers’ Footwork

Fred Astaire once called this performance “the greatest dance number ever filmed.” Very easy to agree on that…

From the 1943 classic movie Stormy Weather.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

(via Daily GreenCine)

SUV City: The Film


A funny animation by Michael Kelley, about those huge cars tampering our streets. Maybe a little bit too long, but enjoyable anyway.

Go for it! (Quicktime, WinMedia)

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