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The original Napoleon Dynamite

The original Napoleon Dynamite

this is the original napoleon dynamite. The movie he made when he was in film school. Wish the voice over wasnt in it though.

Funny but not as good. Pedro’s character is different, doesn’t seem like the naive sidekick like the feature length version. John Heder remains brilliant.

Watch it (thanks Scott)



After a brief black out (due to exceeded bandwidth) this sweet “romantic comedy” short by the Guard Brothers is available again for your pleasure.

A girl (Lena Headey) dressin up the windows of an Oxford Street store, in London, catches the eye of a guy (Simon McBurney) trying to ask people some question, and starts laughing at his failures. Finally, a man who knows how to make a lady smile!

And the moral is… carpe diem?

Watch it. (MPEG-4)

Skies of Edinburgh

Skies of Edinburgh - timelapse

Absolutely gorgeous timelapse of Edinburgh. I have heard so much about the beauty of this Scottish town but I didn’t quite get the excitement till I saw this video.

Watch it – via Neatorama

The Daily Show tackles the early Obama smear campaign

For Fox News to say that Obama attended a radical Muslim school without checking their facts is got to be a new low, even for them! Jon Stewart takes the opportunity to tear them a new one.

Watch it

Children are a gift

Children are a gift

The natural performance of the child is so wonderful. Everything else seems like a prop to his body language. The scene/ short basically revolves around a little boy looking for an adult to wipe his bum. Don’t stop watching when the credits roll because the end is fantastic, my favorite part.

Watch it – via one of the comments here

A Music Video from Karate Kid Villain


William Zabka, who began his career as Johnny in The Karate Kid, is now a creative director for Film and Television. A short movie he written, Most, gained an Oscar nomination in 2004.

In this music video he written and directed for No More Kings‘s song , he reunites the original original cast of the movie and relives the classic final fight the way he had always dreamed.

Watch Sweep the Leg here or here. (Flash Video)

via Milk and Cookies

The Big Day

The Big Day

Directors Notes is one of the few audio podcasts that I follow. The podcasts consists of a short and then an audio interview with the director. The chosen films are the kind we cherish here at Ticklebooth. The most recent episode featured Tony Comley, the director of Abigail which many of you should remember as being my pick for “Best Abstract Short.”

The Big Day is a short directed by Scott Luden. A painful look into the absurdity of weddings.

Watch it – Listen to the interview with the director – subscribe to Directors Notes in iTunes

Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom!

Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom!

Released in November 10, 1953

– A History of music through the ages, from prehistoric man to the modern symphony orchestra.
– The first animated film released in CinemaScope
– Some oriental and black stereotypes have been edited from this short.

Great way to learn the musical instruments.

Watch itThe Storyboards for this film – via Design Observer

Family Guy: Dancing with Gene Kelly


Stewie dances with Gene Kelly for a helicopter. From Family Guy.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Le Merle

A minimalist marvel. A couple of round circles and straight lines are all that is needed.

Watch it

Flea Market Montgomery

Flea Market Montgomery

Alright here is the leading contender for the best music video or even the best commercial of 2007. Here is a taste of the lyrics:

It is just like, it is just like, a mini-mall. Hi hi!!

I can’t resist. I love it. Go Flea Market man!

Watch it – via antville

Update: He has a website and Ellen “discovers” Sammy (thanks commenter)

The White Birch – Seer Believer

The White Birch - Seer Believer

A lot of work for the subtle effects. Powerful idea translated beautifully.

Watch itvia antville

Oscar Picks

The Danish Poet and The Saviour are two of the Oscar nominated shorts (animated and live action, respectively) covered by Ajit’s posts.

Both have that something special putting them a step before (some of) the others. And both were not yet available when the post was published the first time.

So I thought a repost was a good idea.

Watch The Danish Poet.

Watch The Saviour: I and II.

Thanks Joe and Erik for the links.

Future Film Festival


Here’s a new installment in cross blogging. You’ll find the other half of this post here.

Realized by Italian studio Delicatessen, here’s the opening titles for this year edition of the Future Film Festival. Take a tour underwater while the main course is loaded…

Watch it. (Quicktime)

(thanks, Davide!)

And now, go to the cross blogged post

Fractured Fairy Tales


Long before Politically Correct Bedtime Stories invaded bookstores, Americans were getting their giggles from Fractured Fairy Tales, those delightfully twisted parables brought to us between the cliffhanger adventures of our favorite cartoon heroes, Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Watch King Midas. (Flash Video)

Watch The Fisherman’s Wish. (Flash Video)

Watch Tom Thumb. (Flash Video)

Watch Princess and the Pea. (Flash Video)

Buy the book at Random House.

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