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American 2006 Midterm Elections

I will update this page with election day videos as they show up. If you have followed this blog, you know where we stand. In my opinion, this is the worst American government I’ve ever seen. Politics is dirty business but I have never seen such little respect for the constitution than from this Republican Party. The first step to stop all their nonsense is to get rid of their power in Congress and the Senate.

7:16 AM – There has been countless examples of dirty politics from the Republicans. The Robo-call controversy is another illegal campaign by them. Watch Olbermann disect this issue.

7:49 AM – Clinton’s awesome summary of the Republicans message. Funny stuff.

7:55 AM – Vote different. Parody of Apple’s Think Different ads. These ads should have been the official ads for the Democrats.

8:47 AM – Republican party going after Pre-School candidates. Watch!

9:00 AM – Guess what Cheney is doing right now? Hunting. His campaign will be based on accidents.

9:06 AM – MSNBC reports that 40 percent of Tennessee registered voters have already voted. This might be good news for Democrats and Ford.

10:24 AM – FBI looking into possible Va. voter intimidation.

10:37 AM – GOP Congresswoman has problems voting on electronic voting machines that she most likely approved.

11:55 AM – Unattended electronic voting machines in Florida, a couple of days before elections. Oh geez!! Part 1 & 2. (via Bradblog)

12:12 PM – Bush calls at dinner time. A little comedy relief.

12:18 PM – “If you do show up, you will be charged criminally“. Actual recording of voter intimidation this morning by Allen and GOP. I was hoping this post wasn’t going to turn into a rundown of election horror stories but it is the dominant theme so far…

1:52 PM – Bush votes and talks about how everyone should vote. Right. That’s why his people are using scare tactics on Democrat voters.

2:11 PM – South Carolina Governor turned away at ballot box. He forgot his voting card. He can’t get even this straight.

2:37 PM – Mission Unaccomplished! Nothing to do with today but explains everything.

3:04 PM – GOP candidate uses Emergency Alert System to play ad! MP3 file is here. I turn the volume down during these test alerts so I am not exactly sure how effective this is. (via Daily Kos)

3:15 PM – This is better than any Democrat ad I have seen so far, simple and right to the point.

3:23 PM – No video but disturbing story of Poll worker assaulting voter.

3:24 PM – Again, no video but another disturbing story of scare tactics used on Latino voters.

3:26 PM – Frustrated voters leaving without voting. If you are frustrated, stay or go back.

3:45 PM – ivoted (via Kottke)

3:53 PM – Another politician has problems voting. Click on voting problems in the middle of page.

4:09 PM – Read the post along with the video. Lieberman & Fox sitting in a tree.

4:18 PM – A couple of days old but here is a local news show about Bishop Morlina forcing politics in church.

4:22 PM – “Punch Foley for Negron!!” Voting machine issues reported in Fla.

5:14 PM – Fox goes to bat for Sherrod Brown. The actor not the channel.

5:19 PM – No video but disturbing story. “The State of Ohio’s real-time, streaming election results are first diverted through Chattanooga, TN, to a GOP-only web firm and the servers currently hosting, as well as other key Republican web sites.” I thought Ohio was in the bag but there seems to be a lot of chatter that it might not be.

5:24 PM – Exit Voices videos. The video at Seven Days features a Woman clearly tired of American politics. I know the feeling. Here is a couple of people complaining about the trend of dirty ads.

5:36 PM – No video but very very disturbing story. Button on e-voting machine allows multiple votes in many California machines. Damn, Damn, Damn. They found this out a couple of days before election, hopefully this has been fixed by now.

5:47 PM – Hilarious parody. One of the perks of having a failing political system. Thank you Magellan.

6:00 PM – GOP’s troll Laura Ingraham tells listeners to jam DNC voting support hotlines. Clearly, She has no problem with cheating. Politics has become the new American Sport. I wonder if people will be interested now.

6:04 PM – Scarborough: “Why Are The Republicans Against Paper Trails?”

6:31 PM – Kean pulls a Lieberman by accusing the opposing side of vandalism.

6:46 PM – Alright Folks, I will be gone for about 4 hours. Felicia will be taking over till I get back. The numbers will be rolling in very soon, so we will keep you posted on those. Hopefully, we will throw in some videos. For right now, the exit polls are looking good. But the voter fraud issue could be a big roadblock to all of this. Will be back here soon. Felicia, I turn it over to you…

6:54 PM – “George H.W. Bush and Anna Kournikova were paired together in a charity tennis event, and she apparently smacked him in the back with a tennis ball.” Check out this akward pic on Pinkdome

7:08 PM – Polls have closed in Virginia, Vermont and Indiana.

7:18 PM – Electronic glitches and human errors have resulted in extended voting hours in six states.

7:22 PM – Polls have now closed in 6 states. Democrats need to pick up 15 seats in the House and six in the Senate to wrest majorities from the GOP.

7:33 PM – A judge in Kane County ordered all 223 precincts in the county to stay open an extra 90 minutes tonight

7:38 PM – Ohio blow out called: Gov. Ted Strickland (Pickup)

7:50 PM – Voter error everywhere! Polls
7:53 PM – CNN covers blogger party. Watch it!

7:58 PM – Saunders wins Vermont; Lugar wins in Indiana.

8:01 PM – Denver line reach 3 hours at many voting centers

8:05 PM – Ohio Senate: Sherrod Brown (pickup)

8:18 PM – Massachusetts projects the Dem’s across the board, and the state’s first black gov.
8:27 PM – Update: Patrick wins MA. The first African American to win a Governorship since Doug Wilder. Good for Patrick and good for Massachusetts.

8:30 PM – Bob Casey, Jr. is the new Senator from Pennsylvania. Dem pickup. 5 to go.

8:36 PM – Democratic challenger Brad Ellsworth wins Indiana’s 8th Congressional district.

8:46 PM – TeamTiger Awesome gives us a few reasons to get out there and vote. Watch via PinkDome. Court mandated!

8:49 PM – Latest called competitive races:
New Jersey Senate: Bob Menendez (hold); Ohio: Sherrod Brown (pickup); Pennsylvania: Bob Casey (pickup)

9:04 PM – Let’s not forget. Poli News Heavyweight Dan Rather will co-anchor the Daily Show tonight!

9:15 PM – Joe Scarborough just got a little upset on MSNBC with comments made by Howard Dean and Chris Matthews. Apparently Dean said Scarborough was not “fair and down the middle” and got on Matthews for agreeing with Dean. Watch it!

9:45 PM – Called hot races:
Indiana 02: Donnelly (pickup), Indiana 08: Ellsworth (pickup), Kentucky 03: Yarmuth (pickup), Vermont AL: Welch (hold)

9:47 PM – Bush stays up past his bed time!

10:01 PM – The polls are closing, the initial results are in. The only question is, how big a loss for Republicans?

10:08 PM – Voters in Ohio and Missouri approved mandated minimum wage increases.
10:10 PM – Pennsylvania and Ohio Senate races for the Democrats.

10:58 PM – Felicia signed out. Ajit has been tagged. Thank You Felicia. I am loving the results so far. I am trying to catch up. This is from C&L:

House Races:

Ct-05: C Murphy D 56.5% N Johnson (I) R 43.5%
IN-02: J Donnelly D 52.8% / C Chocola (I) R 47.2%
IN-08: B Ellsworth D 62.0% / J Hostettler (I) R 38.0%
IN-09: B Hill D 50.9% / M Sodrel (I) R 49.1%
KY-03:J Yarmuth D 51.3% / A Northup (I) R 48.7%
NH-02: P Hodes D 54.0% / C Bass (I) R 46.0%
OH-18: J Padgett R 37.3% / Z Space D 62.7%
PA-07: J Sestak D 56.7% / C Weldon (I) R 43.3%
PA-10: C Carney D 54.2% / D Sherwood (I) R 45.8%
VT: P Welch D 54.4% / M Rainville R 45.6%
NC-11: H Shuler D 53.2% / C Taylor (I) R 46.8%
NY-24: M Arcuri D 54.9% / R Meier R 45.1%
AZ-18: G Giffords D 57.8% / R Graf R 42.2%
FL-16: T Mahoney D 50.6%/ J Negron R 49.4%

Sadly in the Conneticut Senate race, Mr. Lieberman has won.

11:09 PM – Voter does what many wanted to. No video but I can see it.

11:10 PM – Video of Steele’s support staff from Philadelphia. It is true!

11:16 PM – According to latest tallies. Democrats take back the house!! A round of celebrations.

11:20 PM – NJ’s Menendez victory speech. Now clean up your act.

11:23 PM – Santorum concedes. Good riddance. Hope the door hits you on the way out. You will go down as one of the worst senators this country has ever had.

11:27 PM – The art of gesture.

11:31 PM – Why can’t we have more Black candidates?

11:37 PM – AP Exit polls: A Third Of Evangelicals Vote For Dems. Hard to believe but grab some champagne and join the party…

11:40 PM – Nightly news on Election day irregularities.

11:54 PM – BBC on American elections.

12:22 AM – Waiting on the senate results. A lot of them too close to call. I am also looking for Lamont’s concession speech which I have heard was quite good.

12:45 AM – It is getting tense in VA, it is going back and forth now between Allen and Webb. CNN made a mistake but Webb is still holding on to slim lead.

12:58 AM – Stereotyping Microtargeting.

1:01 AM – The Odd World of Politics. Vote Pirates.

1:12 AM – Katherine Harris Concedes. Hahahahah! She actually says “I want everyone to believe that public service is a noble cause”. The best joke of the night.

1:18 AM – Flashback 2002: Foley loves pages in a “personal way“.

1:21 AM – Ford loses but much closer than expected.

1:22 AM – Webb claims victory. No one putting on their party hats yet. Funniest reaction.

1:27 AM – If Webb wins and everything else comes out like said, Democrats take senate. Both the networks and VA Secretary of State are calling it in his favor.

1:34 AM – I am going to stick around for couple of more minutes. Brush my teeth and stuff. In regards to the Webb race, I don’t think it is going to get better than MSNC’s ticker indicating the lead. So I am just going to leave it till the morning.

I thank everyone who have stayed and followed my coverage. It has been a sensational day. When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t a believer. For months, I saw the polls, I saw the Republicans self-destruct and I still could not believe. At the end of the day, I thought, like the past elections they would sneak a victory with their cheating. Today, no matter what they did, a clear majority of Americans said they have had enough. I congratulate all of you voters & volunteers. You have made a believer out of me.

Special thanks to Felicia for carrying the torch when I was away.

Signing off,
your very own “Macaca” Ajit

If you find any related videos, please leave it in the comments.


18 Responses to “American 2006 Midterm Elections”

  1. Scott on November 7th, 2006 12:14 pm

    Nice work so far man.

  2. Felicia on November 7th, 2006 12:37 pm

    I love what you are doing here…there is so much going on right now that it is hard to keep up. The running tally is definately helpful.

  3. Felicia on November 7th, 2006 12:38 pm

    Pre-school PSA: This campaign spoof convinced me once and for all that if local electoral candidate don’t get his or her way, they may through a temper tantrum or squirt milk out their nose.

  4. Scott w on November 7th, 2006 1:35 pm

    The worst government we’ve ever seen? You’re being kind.

    I couldn’t wait to vote a straight dem ticket today: the first time I’ve ever done so.

    Read about my entire exciting vote-casting exprience at


  5. DeK on November 7th, 2006 1:41 pm

    Unrelated but pertaining (is this a word?):

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  7. Boing Boing on November 7th, 2006 4:42 pm

    Internet video coverage of today’s US elections…

    Ajit says, “I am gathering relevant videos concerning the mid-term elections at Already on the list, voter intimidation in Virgina. Congresswoman Schmidt unable to vote on machines she approved.” Link……

  8. magellan on November 7th, 2006 5:38 pm

    This video on >a href=””>Andrew Sullivan’s blog is pretty funny.

  9. Tech Headlines on November 7th, 2006 6:07 pm

    Internet video coverage of today’s US elections…

    Xeni Jardin : Ajit says, “I am gathering relevant videos concerning the mid-term elections at….

  10. Jeni on November 7th, 2006 6:20 pm

    Clinton makes my skin crawl.

    Anyhow all of the fear mongering regarding these false, unsupported allegations of the Republican party is just pathetic but not at all surprising. Meanwhile real election fraud goes unreported –

  11. Jeni on November 7th, 2006 6:34 pm
  12. weseepeople on November 7th, 2006 8:54 pm

    2006 Elections On the net…

    I think elections are on of the best and oldest social networking and we all should take part in it, no matter what your affiliations are.
    Ajit says, “I am gathering relevant videos concerning the mid-term elections at Already on the…

  13. Jeff O'Hara on November 7th, 2006 11:00 pm is already projecting Democratic taking the house.


  14. andy cochrane on November 8th, 2006 12:13 am

    awesome job covering things today ajit, really, good work. i am watching the last few races winding down right now, it looks like america is a little bit safer tonight.

  15. Bob on November 8th, 2006 12:27 am

    The State of Virginia’s election returns web site and those on CNN, MSNBC, etc, currently just don’t add up. Only Allen has reached 141 million votes on one, and only Webb has on the other… are they counting the same votes?!

  16. Ajit on November 8th, 2006 12:32 am

    Thank you Andy.

    That race looks like hell. I don’t think we will get results today. Webb seems to be catching up according to MSNBC and Daily Kos. We will see.

  17. Scott on November 8th, 2006 9:45 am

    Nancy Pelosi is poised to become the first ever female Speaker of the House:

  18. Naik’s News » Internet video coverage of today’s US elections on November 15th, 2006 2:54 am

    […] Xeni Jardin: Ajit says, “I am gathering relevant videos concerning the mid-term elections at Already on the list, voter intimidation in Virgina. Congresswoman Schmidt unable to vote on machines she approved.” Link […]