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Chris Rock Sees into the Future

Rock predicts the O.J. Simpson book title in 1999!! No joke. Did the Simpson publishers consciously do this? The twists don’t stop with this one.

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Richard Swift – Beautiful heart

I love the song, the video has its moments.

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George Lucas’ “Singin’ in the Rain”


Hi folks, I’m leaving for the week-end. Ajit and Felicia will run the party on their own for a couple of days. Also, there’s some stuff in the queue ready to be posted, so you’ll not gonna miss me too much.

But, before I leave, here’s something you oughta see. From Chocolate Cake City, the guys who brought you Brokeback to the Future

George Lucas has digitally re-mastered and restored the American classic Singin’ In the Rain. The way Gene Kelly originally intended it.

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Previously: the spot for Golf GTI, featuring Mint Royale’s remix.



The day slowly rises in a peaceful clearing where many live out of the harvests. But appearances are sometimes misleading, and the sudden arrival of a new neighbor will disturb the normal course of the things. (Thanks to Babelfish)
“Tom and Jerry”-like chaos ensues.

Another ESRA Sup’Infograph students movie, realized by Camille Campion, Dorian Fevrier, Frédéric Fourier, Frédéric Lafay and Olivier Sicot. Sound by Guillaume Halgand and Vincent Martinez.

Go for it! (DivX)

Ze Making of of the movie nothing is available as well.

Read the thread on CG Talk.

Bush Girls Gone Wild

After Barbra’s purse was stolen last week, the twins 25th Birthday celebration is turning into a cluster of should-they-stay-or-should they go headlines.

With reports of lax security and tabloid tales of nude hotel romps, splashy photos of their appearance Sunday at a big soccer match and breathless coverage of their dinner out when a fire engulfed a nearby building have filled but American and Argentinian headlines. After it was reported that the two were asked to leave the country for security reason, it has recently become rather clear that these Bush girls have Gone Wild. The creator of this user-gen mash up claims to show “the real reason the Bush twins were asked to leave Argentina”

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James Dean & Paul Newman screen testing for “East of Eden”

James Dean & Paul Newman screen testing for

There is some strange chemistry between Newman and Dean. At one point, Dean says “Kiss me.” Can’t tell whether he is try to throw Newman off balance or is actually flirting.

Some of the comments say that Dean got the gig because Kazan and him were lovers. I find it very hard to believe that, especially with Kazan’s record of being a big womanizer.

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“Boom Goes The Dynamite”

College television at its worst best. I am not sure if this is for real or someone was messing with the poor sports commentator. In any case, it is very funny.

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The Critic – First film by Mel Brooks?!!

Let me cut to the chase, it sucks!

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Lovers Supplant

Lovers Supplant

The Daily Reel take:

Lovers Supplant is an animated short about a femme fatale who creeps along in the night with an objective (abduction of a blissful female) and a motive (to be with the man she loves and role she deserves).

There is this almost indigenous mysticism about the short. A story told by old tribes-woman to a child.

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Russian Mafia on Mars


Gangsta rap meets cossack dance meets lynchian weirdness meets other stuff, in the latest animation by Kol Belov.

Music by The Produkts.

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(via Giavasan)

The Theater Fire – Land Of Nod


Even tho’ it starts with a static scene that may reminds you of Little Women, this clip soon gets a twisted path…

The video was directed by Michelle Proksell and David Lowery and it was part of the Film is Love exhibition. I’ve previously posted David’s amazing documentary Some Analog Lines.

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(via GreenCine Daily)



Jean is just a control freak which, one nice day, happened to freak out…

An interesting thing about this short is its peculiar look, that is not the product of some 3DS Max plug-in, but the result of an elaborate process of compositing from 2D and 3D sources.

The short was made by Yoann Berger, Olivier Martiny, Kevin Montureux, Jerome Nguyen Kim, Yoane Pavade and Benoit Schille, at Sup’Infograph.

Go for it! (Quicktime and Winmedia)

(via 3DVF)

Viral Learning Center

Info-commercial about the newest and greatest trend in education — learning to make viral videos. Among other things, you will learn to work with excrement and vomit. Life can’t get better than that.

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The Loop

The Loop

What makes a man take the plunge into criminal life? Daniel Lumb’s adroit, brilliantly-crafted thriller attempts to answer this question, and looks damn good in the process.

It looks and feels like a feature length film. The plot isn’t very clear but the mood is well communicated.

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“A dark fairy tale about Lonely Bunny who is intrigued by her unusual admirer’s desperate attempts to get her attention.”

About this short movie written and directed by Leigh Hodgkinson, I can only say one word: weird!!! The movie “was created using a hybrid of cut out pixilation, puppets and photographs which were stylized in a digital 3d context.”

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