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Scorsese Celebration: Shorts and other films available online

Scorsese Celebration: Shorts and other films on the webThe lamest part of Oscar’s history, and there is plenty of lame moments, is that Martin Scorsese has not won one. The two times that he has come close has been with Raging Bull and Goodfellas but sadly both films lost out to films by popular actor/director’s. People in the industry are so intent of giving Scorsese an Oscar that even when his films have not been Oscar worthy have been dutifully nominated for Best Picture. But Scorsese’s most recent film, The Departed, looks and feels like a real winner. There has been mutual agreement on its worth.

I’d planned to write this article after seeing the movie but busy times call for new measures. Part one of this Scorsese celebration can be found here, an article that focused on various Taxi Driver imitations. In this article, I take a broader look at Scorsese’s work.

What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This (1963) – A man’s obsession with a photo of a boat on a lake creates havoc in his real life.

It’s Not Just You, Murray (1964) – One of Scorsese’s early classics. Part one & part two.

The Big shave (1967) – From Wikipedia:

…featured an unnamed man who shaves himself until profusely bleeding, ultimately slitting his own throat with his razor. The film is an indictment of America’s involvement in Vietnam, suggested by its alternative title “Viet ’67”. Whatever its thematic concerns, its visceral quality foreshadowed the director’s later works.

Mirror Mirror (1992) is an episode directed by Scorsese for Steven Spielberg’s TV show “Amazing Stories.” Part one, two, three.

American Express – De Niro – When I first saw the ad, I could have sworn Errol Morris had directed it.

American Excess – Hilarious! Bickle with an American Express card. Hahahahah!

Third world version of ad – Another excellent parody.

Scorsese’s appears in his own American Express commercial.

Feature films
Raging Bull’s opening scene – one of the best opening scenes of all time.

Raging Fred – Fred Flinstone as Jake LaMotta.

Brilliant mash-up of Goodfellas and 2001 Space Odyssey

Brokeback Goodfellas – There has to be one for every guy movie.

Music Videos:
Michael Jackson’s Bad (1985) – Also starring Wesley Snipes. I believe I can see Scorsese winking behind every frame of this video. If you have not seen in a while, I encourage you to view it again.

Scorsese Interview at Full Frame Festival (2005) – I had actually planned on attending this event but when I showed up at the box office, it was sold out. I was partly relieved because the tickets were expensive!! Part one, two, three.

Scorsese and Marty Feldman on Jerry Lewis – French doc on Jerry Lewis. Look how young and vibrant Scorsese was.

Clapton: Groaning The Blues – Scene from Scorsese’s Blues doc.

Scorsese Tribute – Fan montage.


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