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A million ways to have fun

Well, now that Ok Go and treadmills is on everyone’s lips. I’d like the state the obvious by saying, these guys are corny and are loving it, they have treaded on sacred grounds of cool with their silliness. They have also inspired the same in others, check out this group of girls imitating their moves from an older song, here is the original.

Downtown Dancing – I think this should be happening on all sidewalks everywhere!
Backyard Dancing – See if you can hear the music over the screams!
On stage – These guys are pretty serious.
At a Wedding – What seems like a very geeky affair.
Driveway Dancing – I love their special ending.
Everywhere – Skip to 1:11, they are clogging the alleyways. Hahahah! Skip the rest.

Someone actually made a compilation of all these videos. It is pretty damned good. Actually, it got me a little emotional (very very little). I think part of it is this communal experience people are sharing, especially those four people — practising together, creating together, putting on a show together.

So people, if you see a group of four people dancing their silly hearts out, you have been warned.


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