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Breaking news: Allen Staff beats up Daily Kos blogger

The Republicans are seriously losing it.

Watch it – via BoingBoing

Also: Brief story by Daily Kos

Bollywood Thriller

Picture 4.pngPicture 2.pngPicture 3.png

And by thriller, I don’t mean a fast-pasted, bad acting film genre. I’m talking the leather clad, hip gyrating, lurking in the shadows of the night, Michael Jackson THRILLER!

This Bollywood version is equally as fantastic. I love how the dance adapts to the cultural dance style of India rather than exactly coping the MJ moves.

The frightening dance moves and the crowd of zombie followers is almost a DEAD match to the video that scared that pants off me as a child. Maybe I could tell then that one day MJ would grow up to be the monster that he portries in his video.

Watch it

Kids in the Hall: Dawn of the Dead


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Watch it. (Flash Video)

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

The Life and Death of a PumpkinThe Life and Death of a PumpkinThe Life and Death of a Pumpkin

Edgar Allan Poe appears to be the inspiration for this short horror movie of a poor pumpkin. Very well done, funny and even in some ways horrifying. I wouldn’t recommend this film to little kids because they will most likely give up Halloween in a hurry.

Watch it

(thanks Scott)

It’s Halloween, Charlie Brown!

halloweenClipBoard-2.jpg halloweenClipBoard-1.jpg

So this is . Well, I guess it’s time to post something with pumpkins in it. Oh, actually I’ve already did it

Anyway, I’ll treat with these two sweet clips. The original animated Halloween special with the Peanuts gang, and the parody seen in an episode of Robot Chicken. Enjoy!

Watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. (Flash Video)

Watch Attack of the Great Pumpkin. (Quicktime)

Best Lightsaber Duel Scene ever?

Best Lightsaber Duel Scene ever?

I think so. For me it is even better than the original Star Wars. Someone needs to hire these guys because they created something fantastic out of nothing. Sweet little ending.

Watch it – via Neatorama

Brian Atene 23 years later

Brian Atene 23 years laterBrian Atene 23 years later

Atene auditioned for Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket and never got the role. His arrogance is so obvious, he even states that Kubrick is lesser director compared to his favorite. Not surprising he didn’t get the gig. Someone dug up the audition tape, he became an online celebrity when BoingBoing featured the video. Soon after, he made another tape. This one is very different, you can tell the guy has lost a lot of his steam. Kinda sad and poignant. I guess we have all been there.

However, start your stopwatch’s because his 15 mins of fame is coming to an end very soon.

Tacoma Narrows Newsreel

Old newsreel of the Tacoma Narrows. This bridge seems to have plucked from one of my nightmares.

Watch itColor footage

Three puppies

Sorry people this is too cute, I can’t help it.

Watch it – via Ursi

Carl Lewis – Break It Up

Carl Lewis - Break It Up

Carl Lewis was the Michael Jackson of the Track & Field world. Incredible talent, a whacko outside of the track. This guy was my hero when I was in my teens as I had aspired to be a sprinter. And there was no better sprinter, in my book, than Carl. His running style was what was taught by track coaches. It seemed like he almost floated in the air when he ran. He had the best finish because he could somehow be more relaxed in the final 30 meters.

This music video is weird, awkward and cheesy. Though I have to admit, Carl’s voice is not bad at all. But the fact that the performer was the greatest sprinter makes the trip even more trippy.

Watch it

(also check out this funny remix)

Visualization of the new WTC


GiroudPichot created a 2 minute animation anticipating the renaissance of the city skyline, placing the three new towers designed by Lord Norman Foster, Lord Richard Rogers and Fumihiko Maki and the current Freedom Tower design into footage they shot of Manhattan.

Watch it. (Flash with download in MP4 available)

(Source: Stash)


quinnClipBoard-2.jpg cannonballClipBoard-1.jpg

Again, one of my viewers left a comment with tips on some interesting shorts, part of the Sony Dreams project.

Switching to Glide: The Abe and Frida Kogan Story, written and directed by Hank Perlman, is the story of human cannonball Abe Kogan and his wife Frida. “It’s a story of danger, love and dreams.”

Quinn & Coda, by Elma Garcia, is the true and heart warming story of Quinn Haberl and his guide dog Coda.

Watch Switching to Glide. (Quicktime)

Watch Quinn & Coda. (Quicktime)

Other Sony Dreams shorts.


sacrilege031regdang0045p.jpg sacrilege005jaklune0064p.jpg

Two guards are trying to steal the Holy Grail from its place. But the gargoyles will not just stay and watch ’em…

Short movie by Nicolas Gasseau, Mathieu Negrel, Alexandre Olivier, and Jerome Platteaux, who were (back in the 2002 when they did this short) four students of ESRA. Now they work in the promo and cinema industry.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Download. (Avi)

Official website.

Simon Burrill’s Dragonfly

Simon Burrill's Dragonfly

After falling into a deep sleep, our hero is ‘stolen’ and whisked through a magical night-time countryside on the back of a truck. His ultimate destination is completely absurd.

Thought provoking in a wistful way. It made me wonder about who really creates someone’s art. Do we actually achieve what we want and don’t know it. Feels like a short more than music video with the music playing the role of a soundtrack.

Watch it (quicktime) – Youtube

Mesh 2006

Every year, Channel 4’s Mesh produce four short movies in order to “nurture new talents in the field of computer generated animation”. Let’s take a look at what we got this year.

The imperfectionist, by Asa Lucander and Vicki Kitchingman, is a look at the life of an illustrator thru the pages of his sketchbook.

meshClipBoard-1.jpg meshClipBoard-4.jpg

The Stunt, by Andrew Rae, tells the story of a circus crew forced to perform deadly stunts by their greedy Ringmaster.

Potapych: the Bear who Loved Vodka, by Darren Price, tells the true story of a friendship between a man and a bear. It’s a popular Russian story and I’ve seen it done before, but this one deserves. Really!

meshClipBoard-3.jpg meshClipBoard-2.jpg

Waking Up Inside The Fish, by Ann Xiao, is the story of underwater creatures living inside large fishes. They think it’s the only possible way of life, until one day…

All the movie are available in Flash Video format only.

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