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Chasing Windmills

Chasing Windmills

The Chasing Windmills video podcasts has grown on me. I bookmarked them initially because I thought they had something to say while there are other vloggers who have something to say on having something to say. Two intelligent people whose conversations could easily land them in any Linklater film. These episodes were part of a bigger story, sadly though, I felt no emotional connection to the story or characters that had me hooked. It seemed like one big conversation and there is only so much talking I can take.

But each time I checked back, it kept getting better. The drama unfolded, the characters developed to more than two personalities, they had problems, secrets, weaknesses. The scarce plot is wonderfully intriguing. I can truthfully say I have not seen anything like this. Start from the beginning, be patient, come back when you have time. It is really worth it.

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