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Jazz version of Moonlight Sonata

Lovely, lovely update to one of my favorite pieces of music. Yes, I listen to classical music.

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Day of the Longtail

A video from the future detailing the demise of mainstream media. Funny and revealing.

Watch it – via BoingBoing

9/11 Caller – Tower Collapses While on Phone

This is so painful. So incredibly hard to see. The man begs for help, he says two heartbreaking lines: “I got young kids” and “We’re young men. We are not ready to die.” So so painful.

Don’t watch it if you can’t handle it

Update: Just realized that this video is posted right after the Sony Bravia ad which features a building collapsing.

Upcoming Bravia Ad

Upcoming Bravia Ad

Sony is once again creating a stir with their colorful ads. Previously, a Sony Bravia ad featuring bouncing color balls made a huge stir online. In their new ad, a building demolition is turned into an ascending rainbow. Can’t wait for them to release the official ad.

Watch Bouncing Balls (low & high quality) – Video of the demolition for the new ad – Official Bravia ad site for more details – via BoingBoing



A moving graffiti video mashed up with Radiohead. Very cool.

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787 Cliparts

787 Cliparts

Cool clip-art video.

Watch it – via Kottke

Update: From the same director (Oliver Laric) comes another image-mash video.

787 Cliparts

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Still Life With Flowers


A seed has to go the longest way to finally sprout.

Short animation by Leo Bridle with the music by Portico Quartet.

Watch it. (Quicktime)

Flowered Up – Weekender

weekendClipBoard-1.jpg     weekendClipBoard-2.jpg
WIZ recently did a visually stunning video for the new single from Kasabian, Empire.

An anonimous reader of my blog left this comment:

Wiz is a pretty legendary promo director in the UK; His video for Flowered Up‘s track Weekender really pushed the boundaries of the music video.

He also posted a link to the clip. A 17 (approx.) minutes long music video! Wow…

Enjoy! (Flash)

The disappearance of Lake Peigneur

The disappearance of Lake Peigneur

Fascinating History Channel documentary on Lake Peigneur being destroyed because of a mining accident. Must watch.

Watch it – via Kottke

A Single-Camera Dramedy

Virginia Heffernan at NYTimes has a great idea for a Fall Season show.

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Man’s First Friend


In a prehistoric land, a sullen caveman is cheered up by a playful canine.

Man’s First Friend, directed by Allen Mezquida, tells the story of how the dog really became man’s best friend.

Watch it on Putfile. (Quicktime)
Watch it on iFilm. (Quicktime, WInMedia, Real)

Children are our future…

new_Who_Do_You_Love_1.jpg short_mercy_2.jpg
…unless we stop them now!

These two movies won at Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2005, respectively as the Best short film (Mercy) and the Best newcomer (Who do you Love?)

Mercy, by Candida Scott-Knight, centers “around the daily grind of a young boy who is living in a modern day hell. His mother is a heroine addict who uses prostitution to pay for her habit and he is bullied at school.”

Who do you Love?, by Jim McRoberts, sees a little girl in a similar situation. Living in extreme poverty, her mother uses (and abuses) her for making a living.

You can see both on the online flash player of the festival. MEMO: On August the 3rd, the 2006 winners will be online as well.

If you prefer a more traditional clip:
Watch Mercy on Channel 4. (WinMedia stream)
Watch Who do you Love? on BBC. (WinMedia stream, low quality)

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NOVA: Lost King of the Maya

In an ancient Mayan arena, enemies of notorious King Yax K’uk Mo square off in a ball game that appears much like modern soccer. But in this fateful contest, winners live- and losers lose their heads. From 200 to 900 A.D., the dynasty of Blood Lords presided over the Maya city of Copan, conducting hallucinogenic vision quests, ritual warfare and human sacrifice. Generations of scholars have dismissed the story of Yax K’uk Mo as pure myth, but today, deep in the lush Honduran rain forest, a team of archaeologists and historians are piecing together a more complete look at the fascinating rise and fall of Copan civilization and Yax K’uk Mo’s pivotal role as founder. Travel back 1600 years and discover the ancient Mayans’ sophisticated intellect, astronomical abilities and complex culture. Explore Copan’s beautifully carved monuments, magnificent temples and large pyramids, and discover why the lost city is referred to as ‘the Athens of Central America’. Find out why the success of the Copan dynasty ultimately led to its downfall. And investigate whether new discoveries will transform the legend of Yax K’uk Mo from myth to reality. For more great science stories, tune in weekly to NOVA on your local PBS station.

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To scare an Owl

I don’t where I picked up this link. The video is of a television show scaring an owl with a Jack in the box. The Owl’s reaction is so wonderfully cute. Or at least I think so.

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Children of Men trailer

This new film by Alfonso Cuaron, director of Y Tu Mama Tabien, looks interesting, with the emotional arc of the film being similar to giving birth. However, Clive Oven has to stop doing these brooding roles. You cannot take him seriously anymore. I was waiting for him to get his shades, kick some ass and dash off in his BMW.

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