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Squigglebooth – Episode#1

Squigglebooth - Episode One

You might notice that there is a new menu option in the horizontal bar above. The Squiggle leads you to our new Podcast arm of Ticklebooth, cutely named, Squigglebooth. Woohoo!

Episode#1 is a video I had made some time back that fits the Podcast genre quite well. The video was filmed when I met Wife for the “Second Time” after an interval of two months from the first time we met. The long distance relationship that developed during that period gave the second meeting a wonderful nervous energy. We were emotionally close but because we were not around each other, the other person felt new, like a stranger.

It feels awkward talking about my own work. All I am willing to say is that, to me, it captures the initial stages of love beautifully.

Watch Episode#1 – Go to site


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