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Thom Yorke goes solo

Ticklebooth is not an mp3 blog but I cannot resist these samples of Thom Yorke’s (Mr. Radiohead himself) upcoming solo album. If you love Radiohead like I do, run there and download these because that site should be taking a beating by the time all this is said and done. Very different stylistically from his work with Radiohead. Still great, still innovative but the sound has minimized.

Go and listen – via Kottke

Birds (or when dogs fly)

Birds (or when dogs fly)Birds (or when dogs fly)Birds (or when dogs fly)

A piece of heaven for Dog lovers.

Watch it

Pouringdown – carp caviar: throwing down

Pouringdown – carp caviar: throwing down

Another poetic vlog post from Daniel at Pouringdown. The intro to video reads:

long ago erik nelson, of bottom union, and i talked about a collaboration around the themes of Quickness and Slowness. (i was in the middle of reading this.) we each made two representative one-minute pieces, and sent them to eachother. a few days later my version was running out ahead of me, becoming less and less recognizable as it thundered along, gathering and shifting. it seemed to be about something completely else…

Watch it – Nelson’s version

Johnny Cash – City of New Orleans

Johnny Cash - City of New Orleans

Great little video for Cash’s version of Guthrie’s song, City of New Orleans. And unlike many music videos now and then, the video captures a slice of life. Something that ages well in time. No effects, no stunts, just everyday commuters.

Watch it

Mad Action – Smile

Mad Action - SmileMad Action - SmileMad Action - Smile

This video is all over the place but its beautiful visuals give you an almost historical overview of visual graphics of the 20th century.

Watch it

Powers of Ten

powertenClipBoard-1.jpg powertenClipBoard-2.jpg

A film dealing with the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero. Made by the office of Charles and Ray Eames for IBM.

A charming voyage from the infinitely small to the infinitely big. Too bad they hadn’t do the final step, switching smoothly between the two things, giving evidence of their duality.
Watch it (Flash)

The interactive online tutorial. (Java)

The official website.

Binh Thanh District

Binh Thanh District

These little videos on the Binh Thanh District in Saigon are fascinating. The preparation of food, the culture, the day to day life are all so wonderfully exotic. The videos are very candid and even beautiful at times.

Watch them all – Suggested watch: Episode 10 – Episode 6

Periphery, Texas

peripheryClipBoard-1.jpg peripheryClipBoard-2.jpg

End of the month, it’s time for another cross-blogging experience!

In Periphery, Texas written and directed by Ryan Landels, “a traveling salesman discovers a mysterious town at the edge of the world.”

The point of the movie seems to be that we have to realize when it’s time to stop going further and further.

The film is maybe a little longer for its potential, but if you consider that this is the work of a crew of students at the USC, the result they achieved is absolutely outstanding, ain’t it?

Watch it.

After you watched this movie, you may enjoy the cross blogged one, The Midnight Express.

Things You Can’t do When You’re Not in a Pool


An episode of the Don’t Be That Guy podcast.

Yeah, it’s quite funny. But the reason I posted it is (also) another…
Here’s the comment shodowbot left on the source for this post:

Wow this was great. The title was everything. If this was called “guy thinks he’s in a pool” or something, the humor just wouldnt work the same way.

True, isnt’it?

Download. (Quicktime)

Watch it. (Flash)

Chateau Flight – Les antipodes


A travel can bring you to a place so far that… you may think you’re still at home.

A nice music video directed by Hugo Ramirez for the song by Chateau Flight featuring Bertrand Burgalat.

The technique is a mix of everything that could come into your mind, so just watch the clip…

Watch it.

An alternate link.

The Office – Diversity

the office

I love The Office. This piece is a good example of the show.
Watch it


Those awful humans!

Watch it – via Shortsville



The mood created in the piece, especially towards the end is incredible. Part of the reason why the mood works so well is the sound design — realistic sound is replaced by a more internal sound that connects the scenes of the end montage.

Watch it – via BoingBoing

Josh Leo graduates

One of the vlogs that I follow closely is Josh Leo’s. He just posted his graduation video, walked onto the stage with his camera, give him a lot of props for that. You can feel the awkwardness around him. Anyways, check out the other videos on his site. One of the funnier vloggers out there in cyberland.

Watch itGo to site

The Singhsons

The SinghsonsThe SinghsonsThe Singhsons

The Simpsons displaced in India. I love the pic with the bicycle full of boys. Been there, done that!

Watch it

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