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Fuck Highlands Ranch

fuck highlands ranch

Chuck Roy is the classic angry comic. In these segments of an upcoming documentary film by Josh Oakhurst, Roy verbally tears a new one for a housing development that he finds “has no redeeming value.” He complains “there is nobody in their backyards, it is Saturday!” The camera appropriately pans over the suburban ghost town. Roy has incredible delivery, a bully mixed in with an intellectual. Can’t wait to see the movie.

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2 Responses to “Fuck Highlands Ranch”

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  2. Nick May on October 10th, 2008 10:37 am

    I think it funny that those that do not live in HR hate it. Why? Everything looks so nice, clean, and in place? The houses are all the same, is one thing I hear. My sister-in-law lives in edgy and progressive Boulder. The houses are ALL the same there in each neighborhood. They just have bigger trees. I go into alot of older home in Denver…there too I find the same homes, 50 years old with bigger trees.
    No one in the back yards? That is because they are all too small. Go downtown, you won’t find anyone in their even smaller backyards there either. At least in HR we have a ton of parks and trails…that is where you will find everyone, or at least my family when we aren’t at home.
    Don’t hate us because you don’t want to live there. Live somewhere else. That is the beauty of our Country…you can live where YOU want.
    Tried to see your video, and I hope you the best, but why do you have so much hatred?

    Life is too short for all that.