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Igor Kovalyov

koval.jpg birdonthewindows.jpg

Igor Kovalyov is a talented illustrator, animator and director, currently signed at Klasky Csupo. He won several awards, including the Ottawa International Animation Festival, three times!
On Global Tantrum (adult division of Klasky Csupo) you’ll find four of his personal movies, along with some other interesting stuff. I’ve made my choice, now you make yours.

For more information, try this Google cached essay.
Watch his movies. (via Fous d’Anim)

Smog – Rock Bottom Riser


To the “Crazy” post, (the incredibly talented) Hunter commented:

Nice video, and I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s already been done…and with a better song. 😉

He is referring to Smog’s “Rock Bottom Riser” which is a song I have not heard before but I am glad I did because it is absolutely beautiful. The video is also quite good, however, in my opinion not as great as “Crazy.” The fluid style I have seen before and these videos are both adept in using it to create a visual language. But it feels like the “Crazy” video is grounded in the song, and not in the effect. Its playfulness, its diversity of tone also shows its genius. But I still think “Rock Bottom Riser” is an awesome video.

Watch it

Algorithm March

Algorithm March

Remember Pitagora’s Switch, the Japanese show with Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions and annoying music?

Well, here’s a crazy video from the same source. It starts with a solo ballet. Then, the same dance is performed “with ninjas and all together”: hey, an eight voices danced canon!

And yes, there’s an incredible machine too…

Watch Algorithm March on YouTube.

Say what?


The FBI and all other intelligence agencies should immediately be put to work to find out this woman is saying. And kudos to the Woman for making the other nut-jobs in the room look normal.

Watch it

(via t-sides)

Romulo Fróes – Suíte


This Brazilian music video captures urban alienation perfectly.

Watch it


“Crazy” music video


Earlier in the week I linked to the Cee-Lo and Dangermouse’s “Crazy” being performed at Top of the Pops. Well, I saw the music video for the song and I am blown away. So far, probably the best video I have seen in 2006. You would think watching ink blots for about 4 mins could get tedious but the visual language developed with the graphics is both genius and wonderfully addictive. And as ideas there are somewhat too literal but because of the fluidity of the ink blot graphics, it just works. There is a surprise around every corner/blot. The tone never takes itself too seriously yet alludes to mental illness in all its darkness. And Dangermouse, what can I say? He is easily one of the most intriguing musicians around.

Watch it (it is a stream, so be patient)

Update: DeK provided two extra links for those who can’t wait for the stream. First one is at YouTube but it has a major glitch in the middle and the overall quality sucks. DeK Also uploaded the video to Putfile, better than YouTube worse than stream. But you can download the file here: on right hand corner, click triangle facing down, choose “save as Quicktime movie.” (Thanks DeK)

There is another unofficial “Crazy” video also floating around YouTube. I had seen it before (before I realized Dangermouse was involved) and I thought “great song, sucky video.”

Update 2: Here is a link to a blog where the song is available for download. There is also a cover version of the song (the albums is not released yet!!). Sadly with most MP3 blogs, these links don’t last for too long so grab them when you can.

7:35 in the Morning


A woman enters a bar… No, it’s not the typical joke: she just wants to have breakfast, like she’s used to do every morning. But something breaks in the daily routine.
Oddly, no one talks. You can’t even hear a cellphone ring. And then this guy starts to sing…
7:35 de la mañana is a funny short movie directed and acted by Nacho Vigalondo, the weirdest musical not involving men in fishnet stockings you’ll ever see. The movie was nominated at the 2005 Academy Awards.
Watch it here.

P.S. Hi guys, my first post here. I run my own blog here, but this seems such a good place here! :)

P.P.S. A dyslexic enters a bra…

Talking ***hole


This is what I see when I hear Bill whore‘Reilly talk.

Watch it

Podcast Quickies

Pouringdown – Daniel has a post that introduces the public to his eloquent podcast. Read and Watch – Subscribe in iTunes

Simple Coat – One of the best new podcasts (new to me). Subscribe in iTunes

DriveTime – Celebrity guest. Check out the obnoxious Producer. Yikes lady! Watch it – Subscribe in iTunes

Karmagrrrl – Short piece on beauty. Watch it – Subscribe in iTunes

Ebb & Flow – Political, personal, very awkward and truthful.

Tiki Bar – Legal Ease

Tiki Bar

If there was a Nielsen ratings for podcasts, I cannot imagine a more successful podcast than Tiki Bar. Who can resist Lala? Probably one of the finest smiles in all of the land. Tiki Bar also happens to one of the smartest, wittiest and well produced podcasts around. Each show a new drink recipe is offered that solves whatever comical problem the patrons of the Tiki Bar encounter.

Legal Ease is another drunk-but-conscious-enough-to-make-podcasts podcast. In the episode the Tiki Bar is served notice but the good doctor serves up another ingenious drink that leads to alternate but happy endings.

Watch it – Subscribe to podcast in iTunes

Russian Climbing

russian climbingrussian climbing

We had previously linked to Russian Driving, now we bring you Russian Climbing. The video is long, cheesy and extremely repetitive with no story (that I can see) but it is still remains intriguing. A couple of Russian boys jump, climb and do all kinds of stunts that you are amazed they remain still alive. It seems Russian teenagers, unlike their American counterparts with skateboards, have taken a liking to climbing walls!

Watch it

The Ballad of Gabrielle

The Ballad of Gabrielle

The little short film is the winner of the TDB 60 sec challenge. I love stuff like this. Love it, love it, love it.

Watch it – The other winners – Another outstanding film

A String

a String

Interesting piece which after a while did get a little tedious. But…

Watch it

Random Summer

Random SummerRandom SummerRandom Summer

The Random Summer video is absolutely stunning. And in some weird way even appropriate for a song that is hard to nail down. Some incredible moments and images. It is also wonderful that Icelandic music has such a distinct sound in a world where everything has just sort of mixed itself colorless.

Watch it

Also check out: Dreams Will Come True

Update: The title is actually “Will the Summer Make Good for all our Sins” (thanks dek)

After You

After YouAfter You

About You is a wonderful little animated video about two characters who compete to be the more polite person. Brilliant set-up, hilarious characterization and a lovely ending. Don’t worry about it being too childish, it isn’t.

Watch it – Filmmaker’s site

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