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The Daily Show – Uncaged Heat

daily show - uncaged heat

Though I hate to admit it, I get my television news from John Stewart and the Daily Show. This habit has largely been formed as I grew to resent Cable & Network news programs. News show producers try to portray an image of themselves as providing a balanced point of view when in most situations they actually achieve the opposite. They seek moderate voices as guests from both sides of the fence but many times the moderates rarely speak the whole truth. When is the last time have you seen Howard Zinn on network television? Rarely are the guests challenged and rarely is their word of any consequence. Guests talk like they speak for somebody else and are thus never accountable.

The Daily Show on the other hand is a comedy show that flirts with the news. It uses (and twists) facts and coupled with wit illustrates their subjective, mostly liberal, point of view, all the while pissing on the modern day television journalism. The Daily show segments are divided by Stewart’s schtick, celeberity guests and “reports from the field.”

Dan Bakkedahl’s piece titled Uncaged Heat is an absolute gem of this kind of field reporting. Bakkedahl plays the part of the sincere moderate (read conservative) reporter who questions citizens of a Minnesota town on why they do not want a wall erected around their nearby Female Correctional Center. He starts off with a simple enough question: “Why do you take such an offence to a fence.” The citizens are not in on the joke and are sincere in their rather idealistic answers.

Bakkedahl asks the town mayor what’s there right now instead of the fence, after a long pause the mayor responds “a hedge.” He explains that it is more of a symbolic fence which Bakkedahl responds with: “like virginity?” The Mayor nods though it is clear he has no idea of what Bakkedahl is talking about.

Another guest Bo Dietl (who I have seen many times on news programs), a security expert, thinks the citizens are simply nuts. “You are going to be dildodized,” he warns them. Get it? Women in prisons are lesbians which means their choice of a weapon would be a dildo! Works for me.

Watch it

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