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Matrix Ping Pong

matrix ping pong

I think silliness is under appreciated. This is especially true in the West, while in the East the last bastions of silliness still wage a losing battle. The Matrix Ping Pong video is an unabashed spoof on the Matrix as it substitutes all the high-tech special effects from the original with simple low-tech theater tricks. The effect is a blend of silliness and wonder at the human imagination.

Matrix Ping Pong looks like a smaller segment of a television show. A Japanese or Korean version of “Showtime at the Apollo.” Two players play a game of ping pong, with some assistance they are able to stop time, fly through the air and all the while transform the perspective for the live audience. My favorite part is when the perspective moves from a profile of the action to watching it from above, it is a show-stopper.

After game ends, the excitement of the players carries over to the viewer. The two players and their “invisible” assistants jump at each other much like little kids who have won on a ninth inning basehit.

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